Family Server (no nudity) PC US West

Hello. I have a private server for my family. I have room for more. 99% of the map is open right now. I wiped it for launch. Nudity is turned off, because I have teenagers. I am still tweaking settings. Trying to fine tune it for solo or small groups. The server is currently set to PVE, but I’m open to ideas.

Some settings are:
Increased hp(× 2), dmg(1.5), stamina(×1.5), harvest(×3), xp(×2)
Faster craft(.1), thrall break(.5)
Keep loot on death
No ping limit

Again, still tweaking to find a good balance. Let me know if interested. I would love to have more people. I can increase the server size as needed. There is currently 5/10 players. Feel free to join the clan or play solo.