Fan Discord Conan Exiles

Hey, good afternoon. I recently started playing Conan Exiles again and would like to join the fan discord. Unfortunately, I must be blocked or something similar, because I can’t get to it. As far as I know, I haven’t violated any guidelines, I’m a server owner and would like to join the Conan community.

I don’t know exactly where to turn. Maybe someone here can help me. I can send you any other important information if necessary. But a contact point would be nice.

Thx for your help

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There is only the one fan based Conan, I’d give you a link, but can’t. :hammer:

I can’t recommend it if you actually have an opinion, don’t like spending half your time stepping around land mines, or don’t weight every word for fear or offending some paper thin skin.

But if you have questions or need help…

Just be prepend for a nice helping of attitude.


yah i am all over several conan discord communities for mods, servers, etc. but i left the regular old ‘unofficial’ discord server because it is… discordant.


Share your ID with me privately and I can check the logs, if you feel you were unfairly banned we can look into it.

A lot of discord accounts have been compromised lately so you may have been banned if a hacker was using your account to post malicious links.

Most of our bans are from compromised accounts, unless you thought it would be funny to double down on personal attacks against other people’s appearance and still claim you did nothing wrong.

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Not my fault you have bad definitions of descriptors, not apologizing for your misconceptions.
But hey thanks for verifying my comments :+1:

The fact you still don’t understand what you did wrong is why you’re not getting unbanned. Just because you’ve convinced yourself you’re in the right doesn’t mean you are. This ban was unanimous.

When you double and triple down on your insults when called out on them, yes, you are being insulting and degrading. If you weren’t, you would apologize for causing offense - even if unintended.

Of course, you have repeatedly proven that you are completely unable to comprehend how words and language works, so obviously you fail to understand what constitutes insults as well.

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Give me a one word descriptor for over weight and out of shape?

I have no control over you taking something as an insult not meant as one.
That is a you thing. And having the gang pile on here to prove I’m wrong, doesn’t.

You all are why we don’t have volunteer moderators any more. You all tried to do on this forum what you do on YOUR discord, and stepped on too many toes doing it.

And here we go, the same crew trying to force their opinion down some ones throat yet again.

Now how many of these synonyms do YOU find offensive? Just which ones do you feel I should be permitted to use?

  • [bulging]
  • [bulky]
  • [chubby]
  • [chunky]
  • [dumpy]
  • [fat]
  • [fleshy]
  • [heavy]
  • [large]
  • [oversize]
  • [overweight]
  • [plump]
  • [portly]
  • [potbellied]
  • [pudgy]
  • [roly-poly]
  • [stout]
  • [weighty]

Please tell me because I certainly don’t want to offend.

I suppose from now on I should run every descriptor I use through google and check the synonyms to be sure that isn’t some link to some offensive term.

Ever wonder why I don’t give a flying fornication about getting back on that discord?


now your doubling down on doubling down. give it a rest dude.

You do. You always have.

You can say sour grapes all you want, but we know it’s a bluff.

I asked once.

I wonder what a mudslinging match via a fan discord is doing in this forum. Couldn’t they do it privately?

That would be like me discussing the game Soulmask in this forum.


Agree, I’m out.

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I imagine they could, but someone chose to bring it up publicly :wink:


Is it? First time I’ve heard any explanation about the decision. Was there any explanation from Funcom?

Pure speculation.

This was over then, but apparently my post was close enough to hit a nerve.

Set I love this. I know some readers aren’t seeing it, but certain people are continuing to prove they are triggered by innocuous terms not being used offensively, or being directed at anyone.

As in there seem to be very specific innocuous words that just trigger people in to apoplectic fits.
And that is an issue on their end.

The problem is not me. So lets go full circle to the first post I had pulled and say “put some brine on that boo boo”.

I said that i won’t speak, but i just can’t, apologies!
It’s a fan made discord. People there, are no professionals, but their dedication is admirable! Of course they will do mistakes, they don’t wear “masks” when they speak, neither try to hide feelings.
But their mistakes, human always, should not come over the service they provide all these years.
So if people seek to criticize the volunteer effort, they must choose above all kind ways to approach any situation. Any other way will only have this poor outcome we all read above…
Because it is poor and it doesn’t represent this discord page.
Every user that has personal issues with a fun made effort can keep it private.
Because someone who don’t clean beaches volunteering cannot force criticism to the ones they do saying… “Hey you missed this bottle”.
I am not in favor or against anyone, you are all my friends here, i just say how i see things.
Apologies again.

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This is me recommending it.