Fanart of my character, not for the contest

I would submit this as a contest entry, but I use Daz Studio assets in my rendering and they don’t allow for commercial use without paying a rather hefty liscencing fee, plus I have no idea if renders are allowed anyway.

She had grown up a starveling on the streets of Khemi, the largest city in Stygia. Her name was Styx, for the river beside which she was found as a babe, alone. She survived on her wits, avoiding the priests wanting to devote her body one day to Derketto… or her still beating heart that day to Set.

One day however, she lifted the wrong coinpurse. One of a priest in traveling clothes. And so she was bound and sent to the exiled lands to die.

Fate had other ideas however, and after being released by a strong stranger, she tried to make her way in the wilds. She came to find that death was no longer an end- her first came swiftly, to a crocodile at the banks of a river. She simply awoke again, naked, in the desert.

She came to find out that it is the strange bracelet she work when she awoke that is causing it. Removing it had earned her second end.

Settling in for the night in a ruin, beside a camp fire, she came to realize that despite the magical bondage that held her to these lands, as she learned to fight and survive, she felt more free than ever before.


Guess it is a good thing I didn’t submit this for the contest lol…

Looks fabulous and the back story is nice, too. Not too long and a good start for an exile, in my opinion.

Thanks. Didn’t think anybody would like it.

I love your art style. Love to see more

Keep alive bump.