#FanArtSWL Agent Contest - CONCLUDED



Because I (Cordelia “Cordite” Harper in-game) like visual bugs.



Update. :slight_smile: This asset has been verified and can be used in player submissions to the contest.


I be Starsmith.


Hello all, just to make you aware of it, we have updated the information and rules of the contest with the following:

By entering this contest, you certify that the work submitted is your own original creation and does not infringe on any 3rd party rights.

Entrants retain ownership of their creation, but grant permission for their work to be published/displayed (with credit) on Beyond the Veil’s official website, Twitch channel and social media, as well as SecretWorldLegends.com and the sponsor’s official channels."


IGN: Kylaney
Agent: Carter

This is my submission for the Agent Network contest :slight_smile: I’m no artist, so I hope digital art is accepted. Thank you guys for the contest! I love contests :smiley:

See you all on the 9th!


This is my entry (HolloPoint) for the contest.

Ai Against Ai: HolloAttack and Agent Def - Killing Aimee (1,528px × 1,080px)

HolloPoint sends his Agent, Def into the hidden Orochi computer construct to kill the last of Aimee.

I also put a little HolloPoint-Plot twist in… just sayin’ :wink: It’s somewhere in the detail and in Matrix Font code.

Killing Aimee (3,055px × 2,160px Sized Picture Link)

I’ve been O.D.ing on Altered Carbon on Netflix :smile:


My main toon’s in game name is “Incognito”!

But this comic features my Dragon alt! Click for full view.


Just over 2 days left to submit your entry in this contest folks!
Don’t miss the deadline :slight_smile:


Doing my best…(scribbles faster)…looking forward to the big reveal, judging…


Elana “Hestian” Drake

Thanks for hosting this.


Just saw this contest today, and i had to contribute. :slight_smile: (Nanna “Siris” Sin)


Please note that this contest will end in a few hours.
To check when it ends in your timezone, please check this link


If Andy had his own group of Agents… or as I like to call them, “Andy’s Angels”:

Thanks for template, Starfox!


(Sorry for the double post but I didn’t want to mess up my original entry’s time stamp)

It’s technically after the deadline, so if I can’t submit this, that’s fine. But I did fix a typo that was in my original entry above, so if you can use this one, that’d be great (otherwise, we can stick with the original–thanks!) :


#FanArtSWL Agent Inspired Art contest has now concluded.
Thank you to all who took part in it, there are some pretty amazing entries :heart:

All entries will be showcased on the podcast tonight (Thursday, March 8th), starting at 7pm EST on our Twitch channel.

Winners will be announced on Funcom’s dev stream tomorrow, Friday March 9th starting at 1pm EST on their official Twitch channel.


Hey folks :slight_smile:

I managed to fall out of bed to just catch the pod cast :slight_smile: I did hear you could not see the slight plot twist so, some reveals :slight_smile:

This has the location of the details where I put something in, just a possibility of Ai’s and them being programmed to be something… or someone? Someone major who has a cunning plan to avert their demise/capture. If you read carefully around the edges of the hexagon cell and decipher the text just under where it says “AIMEE”… you’ll get it. It is nothing Gaia shattering but I was going crazy with the detail and the addition seemed amusing.

Has the corresponding symbols to letters of the Alphabet, so you don’t have to download the actual font and decode it manually.

And the Ai’s hair is red. lol.

Should not be too difficult I think :smile: You might need to view the picture in the large file link I provided.


Hey all, Dev stream where we announce the winners will be in less than 30 minutes at https://www.twitch.tv/funcom


Hello all,

Judges have voted and the results are in. The winners were announced on the Friday dev stream, but you can also find them, as well as all 19 entries, below.

Thank you to all who participated in this contest!

Keep an eye open on the next one and definitely keep an eye out on #FanArtSWL thread and continue posting your art there for us to showcase it to the entire community.

1st place (25 agent booster pack) - Eugene “Dangzi” Kuo

2nd place (10 agent booster pack) - Daniel “Watchman” Rodriguez

3rd place (5 agent booster pack) - Antomas

1st runner up (1 agent booster pack) - Jaez
2nd runner up (1 agent booster pack) - Ladislav ‘DigitalWraith’ Cinovec

Below you can find the rest of the contest entries, in no particular order. While they may not have won anything this time around, they were absolutely amazing entries and we very much appreciated the effort and creativity put into creating them.

Once more, thank you to all the wonderful participants on this contest.
You’re all winners in our book :heart:


Some wonderful pieces of art here.


I thought I’d post the plot sub-twist solution :slight_smile:

The top part is the text around the hexagon/computer node of the AI, AIMEE, you can read through to where it says “Lilith lives in me”. I spelled Lilith wrong though, lol. It was at crazy o’clock when I was adding these bitz :slight_smile: My excuse. So the sub-plot goes Lilith transposes her thought matrix into a hidden part of AIMEE and you send an agent in, to destroy the last part of AIMME and thus the surviving part of Lilith in a hidden Orochi facility. A cyber matrix. Mad I know, but it was a fun twist at the time :slight_smile:

The second part is the centre node, with the text just below where it says “AIMME” translated.

Many thanks for running this contest folks, it gave me another kick up the art-butt :slight_smile: