Fangs of the Red Mother too weak

Maybe more of an inconsistency or oversight than bug, but the rare, legendary-grade Fangs of the Red Mother throwing axes are weaker (39 damage) than the relatively easy to craft high-grade Dragonbone Throwing Axes (40 damage) they are based on.

Obsidian Throwing Axes (41), Black Ice Throwing Axes (51), and Serpent-man Throwing Axes (52) are also stronger and relatively easy to make (Serpent-man Throwing Axes may need to be recipe nerfed to match the Serpent-man Arrow nerf as well, but that’s unrelated).

The Akbitanan Throwing Knives (57) are the strongest throwing “axe” but are also legendary and so that is not necessarily a problem, though may indicate the general range where Fangs of the Red Mother should be.


Hey @Tephra

We’ll notify our team about this inconsistency.
Thanks for the feedback.

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