Fantastic Agents And Where To Find Them:


About a week ago I stopped hardcore grinding and started just doing my Dailies. I. Just. Got. So. Bored. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of an Agent since.


Conspiracy Theory:

Been running a lot of savage coast (path of least resistance and all that) and got a 2nd Thomas Grady. Skimming this thread shows people saying they got him in SC missions. WHAT IS tinfoil hat zone agents are based off the zones? Has anyone gotten Grady somewhere other than SC?


Same here. Managed to get 2 Agents out of maybe 600 potential chests. Not going to chase that rabbit anymore. I do wish all the best luck to those hardy souls hunting for complete sets though, more power to them !


They are indeed Zone dependant. A number of posts (#11 to be exact) back Elenoe posted a link to a Spreadsheet that they and others are keeping with some terrific info on Agents. It lists exactly which zone each Agent can be found.


I got him from SD. So yeah…


Yet these two statements contradict each other.


Actually, if you look on the Spreadsheet, you can see he can be found in Solomon Island and Egypt. AkA, his drops are dependant on those two Zones. It confused the heck out of me as well for a while. I figured that all the characters would be themed around their Zones of acquisition, but apparently not.


Acceptable. At least until someone pops in and yells that found him in Trans and then everything goes out the window.


[Agent dossier : Warlawurru]
Scenario E10 Hôtel


[Agent Dossier: Astrid Mikkelsen]

Mission: Breached

Area: Carpathian Fangs


[Agent Dossier: Saenchai Khamsing]

Mission: Strange Boat House in the Mist

Area: Savage Coast


[Agent Dossier: Terry Laputo]

Mission: The Rec Center Cannot Hold

Area: Savage Coast



just so you, all the missing and unknown agent names, as well as their support bonuses and traits, are now (newly) filled.

And only very few do not have known or confirmed drop source by now.

Some of them are expected to drop from agent mission chains. Some may be exclusive to E10 raids (unlikely, but possible) or SA zone (my bet).

The basic ones from missions/scenarios were pinpointed pretty much two weeks ago already.

The only missing ones are these:

Virgil - (assuming Dante’s missions chain)
Nassir - (assuming dungeon drop)
Sarah Skelly - (unknown, assuming SA)
Carlos Peraza - (unknown, assuming SA)
Siobhan Gowan - (unknown, assuming SA)

And Liam Callahan may be missing second drop zone outside Transylvania as all the others have always two zones they drop in.


Mentioned in Sanctuary chat by another player:

[Agent Dossier: Margot Crowley-Mathers]

Mission: Law of Salvage

Area: Kaidan


Honestly? I have been doing this for many days and NEVER picked up a dossier from the Action/Sabotage missions. It’s very frustrating.


Mentioned in Sanctuary chat by another player:

[Agent Dossier: Liam Callahan]

Mission: A Ghoulish Feast

Area: Besieged Farmlands


I haven’t been keeping track agent to source of drop ratio, but all the mission dropped ones (6-7?) were in SC. Either Taking the Purple, The Faculty or The Rec Center Will Not Hold. One scenario drop out of 3+ scenarios a day since the agent system started.

I did pick up a few through boosters, but my best source - Save my MoF and buy off the AH! 27 agents total across three characters. (Only 15 different agents though).


Same mission but Pierre Delacroix.


My first agent dropped today on my 157th mission.

Wu Liang-Zhi - Savage Coast - Black House


Wow. Seems like most people are getting their Agents in Savage Coast. Congrats on the new Agent. She’s a good one to have. Generates bonus Supplies, if memory serves.