Fantastic Exiles AOC 2/11/19 RP/PVP 18+ Seeking true RP'ers and Builders

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The rules of the server are largely conceptual at this point. I’m looking for players to lead factions consisting of traditional or unique races.
First of all we’re build friendly, if you’re starting a faction, which i’ll explain later, I’ll even help with materials. We won’t reset. So if a reset has you shopping around, check us out.

I’ve tried out several servers, specifically 18+RP servers and was left wanting. They were alright but OOC was rampant and ruined immersion, appointments were required to actually rp… which seems ridiculous to me. When you log into your character, you should assume that role until you log off. So I figured I would give it a try myself. Mind you these ideas are rather grandiose and currently we only have 3 solid players. Rules are hazy atm, it’s still conceptual for the most part. But changes will be made in a thoughtful manner.

We use several mods. I’ve played a lot of conan, i’ve leveled to 60 several times but doing it again would require something special. For that reason, not that we’re not special, but we offer boosts to 60. With calamitous that’s raised to 125, with new skills having higher level requirements, bonus content and new building materials i’ve found that it keeps the game fresh.

The concept.
First of all we’re pure RP, 18+. I’m not sure about global yet, but to start we’ll allow ooc considering it’s light. OOC must be whispered and (()), but everything else sans need to be in character… always. Those that dont respect this rule will be banned. We want role players.

The populace will consist of various races… want to play a traditional fantasy race? cool, want to start your own, awesome! We’ll be giving racial bonuses dependent on which race you choose, if it’s a new race, we’ll figure it out. Halflings for example maybe lose a bit of encumbrance but gain an experience bonus. these bonuses will be doled out by the admins at set intervals in your characters development.

Each race is allowed to claim an area for itself. In addition to your clan base, you’re allowed a personal dwelling @ 36 squares. This will remain in effect until population no longer allows it.

The first of a race on the server is designated the racial leader, and gets a 10% all around stat bonus. Those who wish to take the leader spot can do so via combat or vote.

There will be a race of human hunters who will wage war against the various races, and will be able to attack a predetermined target. Such attacks will be scheduled in advance to allow as many as possible to participate. Other battles can also be arranged in this manner. Targets will get up to 1 week advance notice to prepare. There is no permadeath, but losers have to repair their bases and can be looted. I’m not sure of how we would prevent a group from hiding the good stuff yet though. A 2 week repair period will be granted following a defeat to allow rebuilding.

There will be a diplomatic area where the various nations can set up an embassy. This area will have an arena where trials by combat can occur.

Basically it’s still in a beta form, but ultimately with enough people to operate smoothly I see races rising and falling, intrigue, champions fighting in the arena. Everything. At the very least, come practice building.

Sounds great except the ‘human hunters’ part. Will this be an admin team raiding various bases AND looting? Also, what are the xp/farming rates? Does equip drop on death? RP based PvP or open PvP?