Faraoe themed DLC

Maya from Killer Instinct somehow made it in there… hah. I suppose her outfit is pretty outlandish for Amazonian Jungle warriors, huh?

I would also like to see a Mayan/Incan/Aztec themed outfits, equipment, and buildings in the game… although I don’t know if there is a Conan Universe equivalent to this.

It would be really cool to have alternate stone swords like the Aztecs used, for instance…

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Conan apparently visited what would come to be the Americas later in his life, but I’m not super familiar with the post-Howard Conan stories so I can’t say how much of that was explored (and how good any of it was).

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It’s true that once you leave the Howard Canon Conan things get really weird… not many writers can replicate the sheer stoicism of Conan, especially in regards to religion, that Howard imagined.

There could be even more room for creativity - for example, in a similar fashion to the Argossean column (“bottom/middle/upper” pars) - we could have a “bottom/middle//upper” wall - where the bottom would be broader than the mid-section, and then go into another wider - and more decorated - upper part.

Or have the walls deco be random, from a couple of presets, so that we wouldn’t have all the blocks be a copy-paste of each other.

There’s a lot of possibilities, and in the end - we would probably use those parts more on palaces or fortresses than temples. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The elephant in the room:


Please correct me if i´m wrong:
The Great Library was hellenistic. When it was destroyed, the egyptian culture was only a ghost. And what is the Temple of Apep? Apophis was a destructive dragon, there was no temple in ancient egypt.
Edit: Maybe you mean Apis.


I thinknalot of outfits/armor styles could be made into the game :grin::muscle: