Farewell Exiled Lands : My final suggestion wish list

Hello Exiles,

It’s been fun, but I’m done. I’ve survived, built, conquered, been raided, got revenge, battled glitchy gameplay, and enjoyed the whole thing. Here is a handful of suggestions that I felt throughout my gameplay would have improved the experience.

  1. Make The Atlantian Sword Better! Promotional content and paid content need to be awesome, otherwise it gets discarded

  2. Tier 3 needs to be tougher!! When you’re on top in your awesome castle, its lame when some low level goons can rip right through your walls easier than they can survive the cold! It should be a major acomplishment to dig into the keep of an awesome clan, not trivial.

  3. Leave vaults alone! Dont make them easier to break, again you should feel like you accomplished something by breaking them down.

  4. Combat needs a closing attack! Like an attack while sprinting, or a jump attack. The fancy axe whirlwind is cool and all, but I’d be happier if my opponent couldn’t just walk away from me. Every attack is useless against walking away. This isnt karate kid lol, walking away shouldn’t be an option.

Other than that I think the game rocks! Lots of lag and glitches, but that’s whatever. Maybe they’ll be worked out by the time I come back.

Hasta la vista, Baby.

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  1. Moving them to stations and getting flawless versions would be enough though.

  2. Hell no! Even thougher? If the owner doesnt know how to defend himself, he is himself to blame. Sorry for those harsh words, but people who are used to pvp and defending their bases will just replace the destroyed buildingparts instantly. Of course that only works for defensive rings, when it’s not the actual base being ripped open. Regarding materials, raiding is a lot harder than defending.

  3. Instead a limit on their number would have been preferred by me as well. But 150k HP… I prefer a good lil storage now. I dont care too much, since they are ugly anyway. (Sorry devs.)

  4. There is a reason why most people play with polearms (or 2h spears). Range, high damage, easy to aim with. Thus all weapons need to be balanced with those things in mind.

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1: Promotional content and DLC content should NEVER be better than what’s currently available in the game. That’s where P2W mentality comes from to begin with. So I agree with @Nuria get them flawless versions and that’s good enough.

2: That’s like the opposite of what’s been seen on forums and even reddit, people are actually complaining more that it’s too hard/resource intense to break T3 buildings.

3: Would you rather they limited you to one vault? Two vaults? Maybe double the build cost and limit to one vault? Thing is Funcom don’t want to limit building so to avoid that the only thing they can do is tweak the health of them to incentivise proper defense around them.

4: I do agree here a sprinting and jumping would be fun additions to combat. But in the meanwhile I’m doing fine with the heavy Axe attack (Does a little jump) and there’s also the 1h Sword heavy which is a charge.

Agreed. But for something as iconic as Conan’s own Atlantean sword (never mind how there’s suddenly 1243452 of them around), it should be on par with other high-end craftables (Telith’s Sorrow, specifically). I don’t have a day-one edition myself (I’m from the EA period), but a friendly person has gifted me an Atlantean blade. Unfortunately, it spends the entirety of its time as a wall ornament.

I really like suggestion #4. Please add that. Thank you devs

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