Farm rate down to x1

Thanks Funcom. I hate you, and tencent even more, but really: Thanks for this one thing ^^ …

… you lowered the farm rate on PvP to x1. It’s amazing. I can make fun of our clan’s enemies now as much as I like because they can’t keep up with us anymore … we have tonns of stuff … and they need twice the time to get there … it’s brilliant. We will stay alpha forever :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: … for destroying all chances the newbs ever had.

There is like … no way … … I mean even we, … raided two alphas on our server and got all the stuff as
a involuntary gift … and then farmed at x2 rate and demon blood was really everywhere … … like. Dude. We have stuff … Godbreaker/Redeemed with weapons +5st/(+5grit or +5vit) … best healing … whenever we see a clan of 3+ they are done o_O … we just rip them apart in the starting area with 2 or 3 of our 4000 bombs and if we miss them we find them wit T2 in the jungle and need like 10 to 15 bombs. … how many years from now do you think they can put up a challange to us? I bet never.

We are just 2 guys, but they need to be at least 4 to farm what we have. They can be 10 guys and we will wipe them if we want to o_O …

So, thanks! :smiley:

Just today … I asked one of our main foes … how he likes funcom’s changes? I made fun of him. I asked him if he wants a free star metal pick axe xD ? … … he just went offline XD … HAHAHAHAHA.

You are the best at demoralising XD … Thanks again. Really. Just. Thanks a lot funcom XD …

Dude … even if they are 10 guys … we farm fragments o_O … for Oils … you think they can keep up? Omg.

Newbs are so done. No chance. Min 4 guys + … and they have to be good at hiding because we know all the spots.

F* … we will never stop playing this game. I hoped we would be raided and quit … but like this … it’s a never ending game XD … I mean … I can’t just hand it to ppl … they have to earn it XD …

… all I do at the moment is search for the perfect color for my armor. I mean I used white … but then I got bored and used black … now I got bored of that too … so currently my stuff is blue o_O … my GB helmet, grips, boots … and redeemed pauldron and tasset … when i skill myself for fight with warpaint and buffs … like … there is NO F’ing WAY anybody can scratch me o_O … (if I remember correctly: +17str, +3ag, +3vit, +3acc, +14grit, +3enc, +poison … just run when you see me? … lol) I usually stand around and don’t even bother to evade o_O … then I take my bow and ppl die XD … (but with a bow it’s +8 acc and just +12 str, +9grit) … and ■■■■■■■■ me and my bro are agressive in a fight … you die. Dude you die.

I’ve been playing on my (official pvp) server for a few months now … and the only time I died … was from falling damage o_O … I’m really not the best at fighting but there never was a player who could beat me. Dude I’ve never been killed by a player on this server XD … wth xD? I guess you just get gud after 1,5k hours XD …


It’s funny. My bro was always the guy who liked fighting and he is way better then me o_O … but you will not even get past me. And you can’t even get the ressources now XD … you are done XD. Of course I will not tell you on which PvP server I’m playing. Let us surprise you xD … come and get a taste of my improved Crom’s Hammer ^^ … any time friend. Normal hit, hard hit, evade and kick are all mapped to my Logitech mouse buttons ^^ … feels like a third hand to me. Will act as if I’m going for a hard hit, evade and then give you a few light hits before I’ll smash your head into the ground … and if you try to run you’ll die from acid … and this is just me alone before I get on my horse XD … and before I call my bro XD.

Ok. I think I’m done with my monologue o_O … I had a few beers … had nothing better to do to get the stupid raid time over … it was my shift … so … yeah. Hope Funcome gets the dynamic raid times running soon … at least ppl will have more chances to farm stuff as we will be less on … hehe.

Edit: Omg. I just notice I have a T2 nordheimer thrall entertainer … a nice white skinned chick with humongous T.T.s o_O standing on a Ymir temple o_O … … well, she is not blonde and doesn’t have blue eyes … but hell, she looks perfect in the right attire xD …

F’ing hell … 5 gazillion doors … … why can’t you just give me a harder to farm door with more HP funcom?

Who else plays like this?

Yeah I really don’t get the harvesting change on the old map PvP servers at all. On the new map? Sure.

I mean we literally have hundreds of arch priests. Tens of thousands of bombs. Thousands upon thousands of literally everything. Been the so-called “alpha” on our server for over 2 years now. We wiped the server of several clans that tried to raid us last month. They never stood a chance.

But now, with harvesting cut in half, pffft… Anyone that tries again to raid us is just going to have to quit their job and play Conan 24/7 and pray for a miracle to happen.

It is what it is I guess…

Wikkyd, my guess is … they increased demon blood etc just before the new map to get rid of the alphas. … but it didn’t work at all did it? XD …

The entrance to our sweet sweet base. That dude still thinks he can raid us o_O … after teh x1 nerf o_O … it’s so sad.

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