Farming alone vs

Ok so we had some disagreement in my clan about whether one thrall would get more XP than another when farming together, and after some careful testing I figured out what was going on.

This was on Xbox official PvP, so any PS4 and PC people that have/will try this please ring in, also PVE to see if there is a difference.

Killing a frost giant with just me and Thrally McThrallface: 129,600 XP.

Killing a frost giant with me, Thrally, a clan mate, and his thrall: 97,200 XP each.

Is farming together really supposed to net you less XP? Why is Funcom trying so hard to discourage clan play (thrall limits, XP, etc)?

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Farming in group is way faster than going alone even if it is less exp.
Every game where you can team up with buddies has a system similar to this since, maybe, the beggining of times.


Twice the people and thralls equals approximately twice the rate of killing. If the exp numbers you present are accurate, you’re getting ~3/4 exp rate per enemy, which doubles into ~1.5x exp you’d get if you spent the same amount of time killing alone. Whereas exp/kill is less, exp/minute is actually significantly more. I’m surprised the xp rate is so advantageous towards groups because it’s faster kills and less risk.


Are you playing on an Official or a Private server? When I kill a Frost Giant on a PvE Official, I’m getting only 32,400 for a solo kill on one of them. Is this why people keep saying they can level a thrall to 20 in only 5 hours?! :frowning:

Mounds / barrow king seems to be fairly consistent if you go for the blue skeletons.

I’m finding it pretty fast.

edit: I just alternate between farming the skeletons, iron ore/ fiber for twine/resin/stone… brought a dismantling bench for weapons/armor.

I think 1 blue skeleton brings them from level 0 to level 2.

That 5 hr thing probably depends which thrall. On my server with everything at default it took me ~ 10 hrs or so of solid kill farming to get Erii to 20 (2 days real time mixing in other stuff) but thugra took 2 hrs to get to 15 which looks finishable to 20 in maybe another 1-2.

Xbox official PvP.

I can get a volcano thrall from 0 to 20 in about 3 hours doing my giant loop, maybe less, haven’t really timed it.

I get that you’re killing stuff faster, but the thralls get so strong that sometimes they kill them before the other thrall gets a swing.

I get that you’re killing stuff faster, but there’s only so much to kill in a given route, so it kinda makes farming alone faster.


PvP servers have bigger XP rates (x4)


@LostInTim, @Zandman Thanks for filling-in the missing puzzle piece.

Not sure whether to feel offended, exasperated, angry, or what right now…




Yeah, but the only thing that will kill your thralls is a glitch, so it’s a trade-off I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It just royally ■■■■■■ me off getting thrown under the bus like this once again just because I play PvE. I’d been scratching my head wondering why they require sooo much damned XP, but if they were balanced around the rate on PvP servers, then it makes a lot more sense.

A 2x difference like with the gathering rates would be one thing, but FOUR TIMES is a slap in the face.

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if you play pve, why do you want to level them asap? what’s the hurry?

There’s this little thing we have on PVE and PVE-C servers, I keep forgetting what it’s called… the Urge? The Surge? Oh, yeah, it’s called the Purge! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, just because we don’t play PVP it doesn’t mean we don’t have anything else fun to do in Conan Exiles :wink:

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Good. GOOOD. Let the anger SURGE through you, and bring yourself one. step. closer to the PvP Side! #palpatinesbehinditall

Player XP Kill Multiplier is indeed at 4X for us, as are Player XP Harvest and Player XP Craft Multipliers.

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Explains that.

I could set it at that on my server… I could… but 1x is the way it’s meant to be…

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Hey now, we get purged too, we just know it’s nothing compared to a raid… :wink:

I thought harvest was 2x? And that’s the first I’ve heard of craft being different.

Harvest Amount Multiplier on official PvP is 2X. The other three are found under ESC | Server Settings | Progression. :slight_smile:

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Gotcha, thought we were still talking official.

LOL, well, one step closer to renting or hosting my own anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: