Farming Dimension

What does everyone think about adding more farming features to the game? I would like to see some love be given to players, like myself, that are more interested in support (it wouldn’t hurt to add this to incentivize players to take the structural integrity perk in expertise, to make such playstyles clearly viable). I added another thread for expanding fishing here (by adding a chance for a random item to get caught in the net), but I wanted to expand on this with a couple other requests that I think would be simplish to do, while getting a massive return on investment.

Besides the fishing idea, please consider the ability to summon a random thrall via the circle of power. It would be interesting to see a small scale surge mechanic from siptah be added to the base game through sorcery. It would enable players, after already traveling throughout the map to orient more towards support. It should be expensive in base ingredients (like blood and stone) without requiring overly rare components.

Similarly, it would be amazing to add a breeding pen to the game (for animal husbandry). There is already a template for this via the dryer and seeds mechanic. You would feed an animal in plus some resource and out would come either a duplicate or a baby version of the animal. Furthermore, one should be able to slaughter the animal for their components (the creation of babies should be fairly slow, encouraging players who want to do this to commit). This would keep brimstone rare enough to incentivize players to fight for it, while giving a slow and inefficient method of making it oneself.

Tree husbandry would be amazing. Trees grow, you should be able to grow small trees in the planter. Plant a branch, grow some wood, it seems very straightforward there.

Rocknose should have the ability to eat black ice to create stone. This would allow for the farming of stone in a sensible, yet realistic manner.

Sorcerors should be able to make certain components like bone, demon blood, volatile gland and raw ash. It should be time consuming and expensive to encourage players to seek out more efficient methods of gathering it, but it should still be an option.

Lastly, consider, if you are going to add to sorcery, an item duplication ritual. It should, again, be expensive (lots of demon blood and sacrificial blood, silk, wood, stone, plant fiber, and iron), and yield an item that would be heavily damaged requiring repairs in order to be useful (unless dismantled into components).

Simple things like this could add a new dimension of the game with minimal distribution to the current dimensions, and requiring significantly less man-hours to complete (other than breeding pens, though an alternative could be to add it as a ritual if a new building would be too difficult).

Thank you for your time.

Trees are already ubiquitous in the game. Planting trees for the purpose of cutting them down feels somewhat redundant. Decorative trees, yes, definitely.

Again, rocks are plentiful everywhere. I see no useable economics in turning a high-tier resource such as black ice into one of the most basic resources in the game.

Sacrificial blood is seriously bothersome to collect in large quantities. Very few items in the game would be worth duplicating using this expensive ritual. Anything that can be player-crafted is probably easier to craft in multiples than duplicating it with sorcery. Only some utility legendaries, such as the Dragonscale helm, or Riptide, might be worth it. So introducing a complicated new feature like item duplication for a very niche utility doesn’t sound realistic.


We’ll the Altars should help your base and provide resources, at tier 3 your marked on the map yet the altar provides no benefit to your base/home, it’s not linked to your home.

I’d really like to see fewer types of resources in the game. So I wouldn’t have to throw all kinds of junk out of my inventory.

The issue is that you are assuming that this dimension needs to fit into the previous dimensions. My suggestion is to create a new dimension entirely. Just like how you can focus on building, raiding, or RP, I would like to strengthen the survival dimension by adding a farming dimension. Hence, there is a deliberate choice in duplicating systems that already exist. Yes trees and stone are plentiful, but that also means that it isn’t a game breaker to add into the game (and there are some niche uses for such systems (like in surviving a siege)). So, yes, tree husbandry and some method of creating stone should totally be in the game (rocknoses being an already in lore and in mechanic entity making this addition fairly straightforward.

As far as sacrificial blood being “hard enough to obtain”, as noted, the suggestion about being able to summon thralls/victims with the circle would make this portion a lot easier for those interested in the farming mechanic. Hence, it can’t be economical, or else it would dramatically alter the game (similar response to the item duplication being niche). People complain enough about sorcery, can you imagine making even more radical changes to the game’s meta? Making it less efficient/economical is actually a strong selling point for its inclusion. If players would, on average prefer to harvest the resource directly even with this new system, then, busy definition, the meta remains intact. The only people it would benefit would be those who specifically wish to play that exact way.

This isn’t about PVP, raiding, or the game economy, this is for the RPers and gardener gamers, the kind of gamer that plays with creative mode on on occasion. They might like to build a nice practical garden and just stay in their hanging gardens, slowly building up their base. That player is going to enjoy a game of resource management more than economic viability anyway. So why not let them have a portion of the Conan exiles experience, which is easy (relatively speaking) for the devs to implement that keeps the community from being roused to anger. I see it as a win, win, win for all parties involved.

Best part is that even gardener gamers have to initially go out and acquire the resources they which to garden. So, there aren’t shortcuts to going up the tech tree.

The easiest form of game development is always the kind that happens from the back seat.


Sure, but I don’t work there and can’t contribute. I am noting that this mostly involves a small change in UI using assets that already exist, and some minor scripting changes (I suspect). I am not claiming this is absolutely easy, but compared to entirely new features requiring new assets and fundamental changes to the code (like adding boats or horses [which would and did require a massive change in the fundamental coding to allow these features to exist]), this should be significantly easier.

My point is that, in regards to new features, this is probably amongst the easiest new features to implement compared to the alternatives. That is not to say that one would expect this to be an overnight thing, bug free on day one. Rather, it is to say that any other feature is likely to take a significantly longer development effort.

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