Farming the maelstrom, tweaked to perfection (grinder trap)

(no owner is our clan name) bosses are dead under 10 seconds, 20 to 22 greater essences per maelstrom from one single location, (we are adding a second platform, so we can make 40 greater essences per maelstrom , (each platform requires only 1 player! to manage it)

this system was based on the same trap concept used by exiles to get the skeleton keys, it was the product of teamwork , observation, and a lot of tweaking, this process requires progression, DO NOT expect to gather 20 greater essence per run, at the verty start . this is also legit way to do it, no exploit or anything against the server is being done while farming them,

what you need :

1 level 60 toon, (i am farming this by myself , no other players or clan mate)
15 good level 3 or t4 summoned surge fighters.
an offending platform : 600 build pieces, (remember bosses will destroy it, storm will destroy part of it, if you make it too tight the spawns will stop, when several build pieces are broken! and of course send several foundation lines into the storm for summoning those bosses.

Gear : 4 sigils per thrall. good to have, but not mandatory (for added 50% more damage to maelstrom creatures, pork food (The one that adds 25% more damage output)
Armor: epic argos heavy (plus vitality) some of our personals uses flawless black knight, but not necessary.
weapons, different types you want to mix daggers , spears, poison weapons , hammers for sunder, acidic weapons, (dripping swords) most of them comes from skeleton keys boxes, others needs to be delved, so arming them is not hard. (you can start your force with decenst legendary weapons that comes from those skeleton keys chests, tgere are really awesome weapons from bosses around the isle, but i will leave that for people to discover. :slight_smile:

thralls should be taken to at least level 10, if you dont have access to summoned thralls yet, you can use pets, (tons of them , it will be a blood bath for you, , will take about 25 seconds to kill one boss, but you can get yourself started with them (thats how we started), a few will be greaters (they will also die) . have a mix of pets, so they add stacks and dots to them, keep pumping them until youi got enough essence for 2 surges, heck even level II from the summoned surges could add up, until more higher tier warriors are added, , once you ahve 10 to 15 or more fighters from surges , and those alre leveled armed and with sigils, you will start killing them quick faster :

choosing the battlefield :

you want a flat terrain, we have our big builds area close to the leyshirne of the serpent, we conduct our surges there. but there are GREAT places just outside the storm that you can use for it,

a single player can handle all this. (so it is DOABLE By single players) doing the high level surges you will require friends helping )they can be challenging) we recommend 3 to4 players, the more the quicker it goes. unless you want to chesse then by using the water in one of the leyshrines, just kill from distance slowly).

warriors you want : jebbal sag fighter III and up, aesir fighter III and above, cultists warriors or t4s will be also good!

a reference :

battlefield starting the maelstrom farm run on platform. *be adivced , ust T1, they will one shot it, same as any T3 building piece., so dont waste resources.

So @Community please send word, DO NOT make getting t4 crafters easier, making them guarantee drops, takes the rarity out of them, farming the essence is so damn easy, that we almost feel sorry for bosses, specially true if you plan to connect exiles lands with siptah.!


I got my inspiration from here:

Still, you have a like from me, for posting this @Palm522.

I personally do this with 1 purge fighter and 4 normal T4 fighters(5k hp on average).
Don’t use pork, because it blocks your healing. I use gruel as it gives 6 heal/s.
Got around 10 sigils per thrall for the damage boost.
All fighters use starmetal 2H-axes because their damage is broken.
All fighters are level 10-11. Don’t bother to level them to 20. You’re wasting precious time.
I use epic lvl 60 armor, so all my fighters have 800-1000 armor based on their stats.

I agree that thrall rates should stay as it is. Making surges has never been easier.
If you watch the video, there’s alot of details on how to do this farm easy mode.


Thanks for posting detailed info on how to optimize farming the Maelstrom. That’s useful stuff.

However, I disagree when it comes to not adjusting the thrall rates. Exiled Lands are too easy, because they allow players to skip most of the progression trivially. Isle of Siptah tried to solve that by turning 90% of the tertiary game loop into slot machine gameplay.

Since this is still Early Access, I’m hoping the community feedback will persuade the devs to add more content and to tweak the use of RNG towards something less abusive.


Siptah does the opposite from exiles. It makes the end game thralls irrelevant by the time you reach them.

Also a word to @Palm522: dude… really???
“Storm farming is too easy! Hold my beer while I solo it! (Proceeds to place 15 high lvl thralls in end-game gear)”
You can’t be serious. I agree that generally things shouldn’t be nerfed just because some people don’t manage them, but i don’t think you’re helping the debate here.


To be fair, I solo the storm myself on default settings with a vanir t3 wild surge thrall. I get on average 11-12 greater ???. My gear is star metal axe + shield + normal epic heavy set. Running 40/40 str/vit. My thrall has 2.5k hp + 14 sigils + legendary weapon (hammer or two handed sword).

The only times I ever die are if I fail to dodge the acid burn from that 1 skull mushroom or the fire breath of the dragon.

In a duo, our highest score so far is 16 greater in a single storm.


All the points from the other thread still stand, multiple youtube videos have been made on how to do this already and everyone that disagreed with you in the other thread was already farming using this technique. Making a new thread doesn’t make your point right.


well , whats wrong with that? most of the force you see there are level III from summoned surges, we wanted a system that could allow us to farm , and this is VERY effective in doing so, we wanted fast kills and as many essence we could put our hands on, it usually takes under 10 seconds per klill, and its maximized to farm an entire 1000 Chaos surge in one single maelstrom.

we started using epic gear (no exceptional or flawless) so it was not always like that, so getting surges is easy as FARMING essence is EXTREMELY easy. , just farm , cast t he surge and repeat., heck even with how things are, finding t4s in surges is WAY easier than finding t4 from purges, and probably more likely to get t4s in siptah that it is with exiles world spawns (with the exception of asura) my suggestion to funcom is to make it HARDER, it is way too easy as it is.

i also went to maelstrom with 1 good thralls and manage to hit 9 Greater essences, once, but what we did , proved to be far more effective.

you DONT need t4 crafter to beat the game, not a single one!!! so what exactly is your point? t4 is a reward by itself, they should be rare…!

i made a thread on HOW we do it, took the time to write it, and share it, is it a bad thing?

point is: TOO DAMN Easy! make it harder. or simply leave it as it is, (no guarantee t4 crafter from surges)

I don’t disagree with that. For me personally those thralls just make the trip easier, by reducing farming/ crafting time. The point here is if you don’t absolutely need then to get there, you definitely don’t need them once you’re in end game.
Btw for clarity, I talk about T2 and T3 the same way as T4. Because so far I don’t get any valuable crafter without summoning a surge.

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I seem to be misunderstanding something here (or possibly you are?) - this is a method for farming the maelstrom, that you say is easy, but requires you to have already farmed the maelstrom for multiple summoned surges, in order to have the thralls to enable you to farm the maelstrom so that you can summon surges? Can that be right?

I know I’ve only just woken up, but that sounds like you’re saying it’s easy for someone to solo the maelstrom as long as they’ve already solo’d the maelstrom repeatedly. Did you gather all 15 t3 thralls on your own, without any assistance? Or did you in fact have the aid of the 10-man clan you’ve mentioned in order to gather the stuff needed to get you to the point that you can now solo the maelstrom?

These aren’t ‘gotcha’ questions, I’m genuinely asking because I’m having trouble making sense of what you are saying.


how long is one farming session?

My guess is a maelstorm plus a few minutes. so about an hour just to farm 12 greater. So you need 2 maelstorms to get a RNG chance at one or 2 good t4’s? I am not being a dick, but that means casual gamers might as well not even try for them, and use that time to farm mats.


Sorry I strongly disagree.
And I doubt your explanation was ment how the game and its storm should be played. It is a creative workaround though.


hi , you start with pets, large number of them level to 10 the greater animals, blood bath will happen, lots will be killed, the farming of the bosses is still slow. thats how you get the first surges going. thats what we did, we ended up progressing by getting those thralls.

i just dont know why on earth i took the time (With my bad english to write this “guide” or experience) it seems i m making a capital sin by sharing and taking the time to share the how we do it. and to prove how easy it is to farm that 1000 chaos needed for the big surges, let me tell you that among the high level surges there are some that are easier, than lets say AESIR surges(north) , for starters start looking at jebbal sag 1000 chaos Surges (center).

the good thing is it is TOTALLY proven how easy it is to farm the essence, either in mass as we do it , or by taking the time with your wild surges t3, (posted by someone else) if surges are hard for those not skilled or for those wiothout imagination, then that is a topic for another debate, to @Community dont make this easier than it currently is, thank you.

that is totally fine, i am just pouring my opinion and sharing WHY i think it should not get easier, other people experiences are different. and there is even peoiple who do it with thier wild surges t3 . and they are effective and successful (did not tried that myself)

it is, i never suggested people should follow our method we shared , its just one among many others (by reading other successful experiences)

i am really tired of seen everything NERFED because of some very vocal people who complains about how difficult a rather easy game is. (that was my point and intention)

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thats entirely their choice, no one is here to tell others how to play their game, what was posted is just a way to do it, among others (from what i can see) . but i would not expect a casual player to be “rewarded” in the same fashion as a dedicated player does . (its true for every game you play)

I rather think this may be the source/cause of your “capital sin” - people might disagree with your method of play (which is their right, just like it’s your right to play that way) - but when you then use that method as a vehicle for A) impugning their skills and B) advocate for keeping a (to them) undesirable status quo, it’s no surprise it won’t bring universal praise.

Personally I think it’s a good writeup - I might disagree with you, and I don’t want to play the game like that (while I don’t RP as such I do prefer to apply my own brand of head-canon around the mechanics), but I would not dream of saying you shouldn’t play like that either, as long as doing so will not negatively impact server performance.

As an aside, my server was struck by intermittent crashes and unavailability all weekend, and I was lucky to lose nothing more than an opportunity to play, possibly as a result of people cheesing the Maelstrom (no connection to you or your method intended or implied).


30 min for 12. So, yes about an hour of killing bosses to summon a T4 surge and I consider myself a casual. I don’t farm the storm daily but when I do, it is actually not that hard. Now, if you want to try hard it and summon T4 surges daily, then it may become a bit of a chore.

EDIT: We, casuals, need to set realistic goals. For me summoning a surge or two per week is enough. I get enough time after work to do other stuff and as a pver, I can progress at the speed I decide.

I know where you are coming from but the situation can be easily improved on pvp servers by reducing the surge cost multiplier.

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i am in agreement with you Mikey, you probably right about my “capital sin”., still point has been proved, there are several methods, ( @Narelle method seems quite good too) but again it is proven how easy it is to call the high level surges, how hard the surges themselves are , i think its a discussion for another thread.

again i am not here to tell anyone how to play , or how to farm, some might find the information useful in developing their own methods.

thank you.

Not to agree or disagree, everyone has their opinion

But I see an alarming lot of players leave for a few reason which most common is the thrall spawn being too rare and way too much work with very little chance of reward (along with empty chests and dungeons that are closed).

Farming thralls with enough rng should n’t be the endgame of this game.

Personally, when I spend a week doing farming the legit way and end up with a few dancers, fighters and archers with the risk of losing them by trolls or thieves I get demotivated to play the game. No game should be so frustratingly annoying.

I think thats the final nail in the coffin.


Dedicated is not what i call playing 5 hours a day to hopefully win the RNG lott. Again, the way you propsoe is nice to know, but being a game, a sandbox at that, and having to do it one way to even have a CHANCE at getting a decent crafter thrall is broken. @codemage is basically saying that. It is not that it can’t be done, but as a gameplay loop for solo/casual gamers, it is not worth it, thus the mechanic will only be enjoyed by those with waaaaaayyyyy more play time available. I mean, in theory, you are better off building 15 pet pens, and running the greater pet lotto, then just spamming them just outside the storm and farm it that way. But the final issue will never be resolved on officials (and multiplayer servers), and that is why farm when i can just build thrall wheels close to all three leyshrines, and poach thralls fromsolos and small clans? As someone playing solo for a change, i feel i might have to start doing that. Norisk/cost to me. I run up, quick survey the trhalls and take any i want when the summoning clan is not looking.