Farming Tools in New Dawn

If you complete and turn in the first tier of The Cult of Personality while having Dawn’s Haverst active, you can’t get the farming tools back, gettint stuck in the mission. Sometimes zoning or anima leaping on the same map and coming back works, but this solution seems to be inconsistent. Maybe keeping the farming tools pickable would be a better way to solve it.

The same can happen to the broom. It disappears depending on your pathing to clean the huts.

The broom should reappear if you move far away from huts (e.g. to the trucks) and then back into the ‘mission area’.

(Never actually tried if something similar, like say going to the compound game and back, works for the tools in Dawn’s Harvest.)

From experience, running outside of the farming area and then back in (for example, cross the road back and forth) will give back the farming tools. A similar “fix” works with the broom.

This seem to be due to the fact that the game recognize certain areas as “farming” and “cleaning” areas and automatically attempt to equip the player with the correct tool as they enter and leave.