Farms to produce seeds and plantable trees


would like to suggest that plants grown from seeds also have a small chance to produce seeds as well.
Maybe include a growth cycle? New growth, flowers, to seed, then finally plant death. Harvesting at different times during the plant’s growth determines what you get from it.

Would also like to request plantable trees.
Thinking 3 planting options -
ground (unbuilt on terrain)
Soil building blocks created by gardeners - allowing also seeds to be planted. Create terraced gardens and such.
Tree planters/pots - large pots specifically for planting trees into.


I like where you are going with this, though to be sustainable they would need to always return seeds, at least 1.


Maybe a chance to drop 0-3 seeds. I think there should still be a chance that a player would have to venture out to gather more seeds, which would encourage some exploration and such, if seeds ran out.


I would rather the trees not be in a pot or box. I like trees around my buildings, but they usually disappear.


Same here, which is why I suggested 3 different possible methods.
I made a little mining hut, chose the spot cause I liked the trees and shrugs nestled up against the house… Didn’t realize the next time I logged in, those same trees and shrubs would be despawned cause of the close proximity to my building site lol

Oh. Another idea for planters - allow the plants to smoosh up/cut off when placed against/near walls/structures, rather than clipping through them.
Large plants can block narrow passages/hallways, from outside.
(not sure if this would even actually be possible, though)


If you are on PC there was a mod that had placeable tree to use. As decoration. As sustainable it is possible. but for server this would be a little bit too heavy cause this would add more Tick and ping for server to keep track of.

It a miracle that we have crafting station as they are.