Fast leveling in the charity event

I was told by a friend that a charity event was organized by Funcom and people had to rush to level 60 to kill a boss to win in a very little time. How did they manage to get to level 60? i have put around 50h+ into my char and i am still 45

You can level a lot faster by doing all your Journey events, and by discovering all the points of interest (though I think they nerfed the XP from that lately, but not sure to what extent).

You still get XP from finding locations, but the amount is reduced.

If you join a 5X server, set up (from what I read in the promo mats) the same as the event and the same as TestLive, you’ll be surprised how rapidly you level. You wouldn’t think it, but once you get to reinforcing your base, every blank you spoiler will level you up almost a quarter of a bar.

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