Fast PVP official server #37968 / boosted so we can get to the pvp action! More info CLICK HERE

Hey im Cream :slight_smile: girl gamer and newly a streamer. I just opened a pvp server ! Its a fun server & at the same time expect some serious pvp. Its boosted a bit harvest/xp so we can get to the pvp action quicker ! A few others have already joined but plenty of slots still avail. Come join too ! Official unofficial server #37968 make sure to filter internet and also player vs player

Sexy model admin :stuck_out_tongue:
40 slot server
items drop on death
Fast server no lag
decent harvest boost / small xp boost
nudity / crude language not pg
decadent difficulty (challenging npc but not barbaric & not too easy)
purge and avatar enabled
Also I plan to put on bi- weekly events with rewards!
Anyone with ig follow me mmmcr3am i have posted my server on my ig as well and you can dm me there also LETS PLAY :space_invader::crossed_swords: