Fast Travel Posts & Whistle

Something you can build to fast travel to. Could be a signpost, a mini version of the Obelisks, something.
Would need to be repaired for balancing maybe.
Maybe a new saddle that holding square will give a new option Fast Travel.

Also a whistle to summon your mount. Again, linked to a saddle. Can always make it where there is only one horse and one rhino saddle in the game. Like a bedroll.

Just a couple thoughts.

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I would like some kind of travel post as well, but I think it should have a significant cost and be limited to only 1 deployed by each player, and only being usable by the player who placed it

For me, in the long run the most valuable resource for any base is a close obelisk, and there are so many great build spots that are really far from any


Because in the past I suggested both and the last days your posts are really interesting, I sence a brother spirit here and I am really happy. Yes m8 especially on the whistle point I believe it is more than necessary. The horse is best to have the maximum distance follow, 30 meters, because it is bothering on your fights, but this distance is creating a delima when you need it to come fast back to you. This action would just make them perfect, horses started as decoratives for me but now they are viable companions, if they add the whistle they’ll be perfect.
About teleport (stones was my suggestion), I find a great wall of magnificent different opinions and I have to say that at the end these opinions were stronger and right, so I agreed with them that this game will be harmed with another teleport system than gain benefits. Especially pvp. But if… If they do it it would made me really happy, but I don’t think so.
Again, I wish whistles will be added, they are totally necessary, totally.

Edit. @OctaviousWrex, yes the best biomes are away from obelisk, this was always the delima. Yet nothing compares the farming speed and obelisks provide this the best way. But as you said it has some spots, with some view, breathtaking. I builded in these places when I was co admin in servers, admin teleport rocks :wink:.

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Should be in settings. 1-3 or 5 (2 per player makes sense to me, but I get it if to intensive). Just make it require to be repaired, durability goes down with each use. Requires the Corrupted Stone to make and repair, plus whatever else makes sense. CS for repairs.

Personally wanting to be able to summon specific mount from anywhere, not just chase range. I died and both mount and thrall had to be relocated. On Siptah especially bad, as they won’t return and I have to find them. Thralls you rescue go back to their cage (!?) and you’re lucky if you get them before they’re hacked to death.
Maybe a horn to call back thralls too, same principal. They have to have something in inventory to call them to you, only one in the world at a time.

Just a couple things, I thought would be handy.:+1:

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