Fastest way to level 60 now?


Hi fellow players.

Funcom nerfing all ways to get to level 60 fast now, and i dont want to do all the quests and stuff like that that takes hours and hours.

I just want to get level 60 fast on my official server with my other account, because i have some DLCS there and not on the one i play on atm.

So what is the fastest way now? They nerf black chest crafting

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Explosives works on ps4 might be worth a try. Gather material with your first character and bomb away with second.

This i have all materials needed, but i still need to be level 35 to craft bombs :smiley:

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Well then give yourself a good thrall and armor kill gorilla at jungle. How are you going to join your clan. Or just leave items in a unlocked can leave all 3 building materials prepaid so you don’t need skills that will level some throw and orb and all those type of things

2 computeres, thx for help so far :slight_smile:

If you get yourself a decent thrall and a gas mask you can level up pretty quick at shattered spring too.

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