FAT body type in Conan Exiles and other customizations


Body types are likely required to fall into a standard measurement due to the various armors having to fit properly without body parts sticking out in odd ways. Hence no extremes. Dwarves would be neat, but then that would be too LOTR.


Considering my character quaffs a whole lobster every 20 mins or so, he’d be well on the road to heart failure by now… and it was even worse before I got the self-healing perk, and food was the only (cheap) way to heal…

Anyway, I don’t really support this. Ideally, sure, but considering the state of the game and the limited amount of development resources it gets… not so much. Just not nearly enough bang for the buck IMO.


Plus, can only imagine the exploits for squeezing thru/under meshes :slight_smile:


Maybe a mod of a “fat guy” armor you would equip. would drain stamina quicker, but also give you cold protect, and + 5 vitality.


I get you, I see the fattening taking effect if you eat way more than you need, I mean, the more you eat in a row, you get fat by a little bit, so to be faaaat you would have to eat a lot.
And if you eat slow, only when starving or to heal when needed, your character starts to get skinny,

I imagine how this would affect the visual of every player, more variety for sure.


Fun if they was able to do it but guess they have to redo all armor parts.


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