Fat Thralls R Hard to Kidnap PvP Very Active Admin

Server Link: steam://connect/

Fat Thralls are Hard to Kidnap (PC) is a dedicated 24/7 server with a very active and helpful Admin. The map is currently wide open to settle and offers new players a chance to claim and build without being grieved. We are a PvP server but you are only allowed to PvP in the open world. As long as you stay active you base and everything in it will never be touched by the likes of others. Server benefits include:
NO! Blocking Game Content (Recipies, Boss Spawn Points, ect…)

Avatar Disabled
Harvest Multiplier 3
Purge Enabled
Structure Damage Turned off
XP 10 (First and Third Weekend of every month 4x
Community Dungeon crawling
Battle Fests (Winners Take Home Big Prizes)
Thrall and Mat Markets
Open world Map Rooms (Near Each Major City)
All Drops on Death
    Traps/Hives Fixed
Active Discord  https://discord.gg/MQfRRJ

Mods List (In this Order)

LTs Compass (Minimap) 1185321962
Pickup+ 8641996755
Immersive Sexiles Stacks x1000 1164166523
Pippi - User & Server Management 880454836
StraysBackToTheFire 1432999262
Fixed Wells/Hives/Traps/Pots 1416651472
Less Building Placement Restrictions 1369743238
Wood Chips - Don’t Smoke with Bark 1373805768