Fatal error crashing on startup - issue update

Greetings Exiles!

Just before 07:00 UTC today Feb 14 we experienced a login issue which lasted for about 3 hours. We wanted to give a quick update on it.

The cause was that the game failed a check on login, which in turn caused a crash. A workaround was to disconnect from the internet, try to log in, then reconnect. This allowed the failed check to be ignored, and login to succeed.

The underlying issue was resolved and the check is again working. But we need to release a fix for the way the game handles a failed check in case this happens again, and we will include this in an update that was scheduled to release this week.
This potentially pushes the update back a few days, and due to 1st party certification turnaround means it will come sooner to some platforms than others.

We always want to release updates on all platforms at the same time. Among other things it simplifies the patch rollout and operations on our end.
However, this fix is so urgent we do not want to hold it back until all platforms complete certification, in case we have a similar issue in the coming days.
We work to ensure the time between these to be a short as possible. The goal is to have this hotfix on every platform by this time next week. The expected order is:

  1. Steam and EGS
  2. Playstation
  3. Xbox and Microsoft Store.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
The Conan Exiles Team