Fatal Error During Cinematic

Game mode: Online/Single Player PC
Type of issue: Fatal Error Crash
Server type: N/A
Region: N/A
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I click launch, it gets about halfway through the cinematic and fatal error crashes, unable to get to main menu to select online or single player.

I have validated files on Steam twice.

Edit: I have a family share as well to be able to create an admin toon specifically to create stuff for the server and do other admin things without affecting my play toon. I now validated files on steam 4 times, 2 times on my main account and 2 times on my family share account, same result on both accounts.

After a little advice from somebody else having this issue, and a couple tries, I am finally able to get past the cinematic to the main menu, it seems there was a hiccup on Steam.