Fatal Error help me somebody

Hello! For several days now I have been searching for a solution to the Fatal Error error. All the methods described on the Internet do not help me. I really like this game, and 600+ hours on steam confirm it. It’s just that the game gives a Fatal Error on startup. What should I do?

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Greetings Anwell!
Welcome to our forums and thank you for reporting the situation regarding the Fatal Error.

In order for our team to properly assist you, could you tell us what steps have you attempted in order to solve your issue?

Also, I invite you to explore the bug section of our forum as you may find other players complaining about the same problem and present solutions that work for you.

Thank you in advance!

Hello! To fix the error, I checked the integrity of the game files several times, reinstalled the game twice, updated the Microsoft Visual C++ directories. My video card drivers are up to date.

When, exactly, does the Fatal Error occur? For most folks on here it seems to happen during the intro movie or similar and can often be fixed by deleting the mods files (which are not entirely removed during a normal uninstall/reinstall), provided the files reverify and reinstall didn’t work.

My own fatal error problem occurs when the game first tries to connect to Funcom Live Services while loading the main menu, but that can be worked around by turning off the computer’s internet, starting the game, then once on the main menu screen you can reconnect the internet and click the online play option on the menu to force the game to login to FLS manually so it will recognize your DLC even if you play single player. Something about the automatic first login just causes UE4 to choke and die every time on my PC.

It’s a mess, but that workaround has worked consistently for my particular fatal error, maybe it will help.

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