Fatal error Line 181


Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: yes
Server Name: [Olympus]PVP[Calamitous]50XP/10H/Mods
Game Mods: yes

The game starts, the other servers are working, which is the same mod, but this error appears only on this one server.
I reinstalled the game, it didn’t help, I went through the fixes for the error in the previous post to see if it helps, but it hasn’t worked since then

Not a whole lot of detail here. Maybe you should try looking at the log or including a copy of the log for others to look at. Clearly something happened at line 181 (likely mod related).

Just because another server is running the same mod doesn’t mean your issue isn’t related to the mod. Are you running all the same mods as these other servers and in the exact same load order? Are you running the exact same hardware on your server machine as they are? Do you have the same server traffic/load as them or access to their logs to know if they aren’t also experiencing problems?

If you want any help with this, the best place to check would be the mod’s discord but seeing as you didn’t list your mods, I have no idea which ones you use or how to help you.

Your server name implies that you use Age of Calamitous and their discord is here.
Best of luck and welcome to the forums.

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