Fatal Error - Loot + Body disappear - Official Server, no MODs obviously

It is a struggle playing this game.
I am playing in a official server, the game crashes, FATAL ERROR, I restart the game, I appear in the beach (not even my bed roll) naked.

I go back to the location where it crashed(inside my base) by removing the bracelet, my body isn’t there, my loot isnt there. I lost everything I was wearing!

It is very frustrating loosing such high end gear which tool DAYS to farm, in a official server due to a crash.

My system specs:

Intel 9900K
Asus RTX 3090
32GB Ram DDR4

Do you have the event log from that incident? Sometimes that can be helpful to determine what happened.

I uninstalled the game but thank you.

There are several people having the same issue. Only problem is when this happens and you loose your loot it’s too frustrating… Every time I try conan again, I find something worse each time. I will reinstall it when the latest big patch comes out, maybe there will be some serious fixes.

Also, could it be people crashing our client with chat? I seen people writing COLORED and BIG letters in chat… Maybe if they type special characters it will crash people… I’ve seen similar bugs in other MMO games.

How the hell do you change your chat color in global anyway? I tried HTML it didnt work.

En ps4 también ocurre

when you say they write in colored , is that colo orange ? if you type /me in chat followed by a sentence it will show orange in chat . but this doesn’t make anyone crash though !

No the picture below shows what I mean.

They do it in many colors… Also, they Disconnect us from the server as needed…
Also, they undermeshed us yesterday

In the MMO world we call that ship happens.
There is a certain risk when playing an unstable game.

The price you pay to play

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