Fatal error problems after Update 37 - Feedback thread

No Im not playing with mods and I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it twice now. Still unable to play.

Update to this report.

After completely wiping the server, re-downloading it fresh, and then importing my backup from just before the update, I was able to get it up and running again.

Still no idea why the one server started having the fatal error on startup, and the other ran just fine.

Game mode: [ Online ]
Type of issue: [ Client Crash ]
Server type : [ PvP/PVE]
Region: [Server: EU]
** MODS:** 1. Pippi Mod (880454836)
2. Less Building Placement Restrictions Overlaps Edition (1439140851)
3. Conan Sexiles (1206493209)
4. Amunets Dungeon Assets (1627929363)
5. Speech Bubbles (1586999299)
6. RP Aesthetics (1542041983)
7. Savage Steel (1367404881)
8. River Boats Of The Exiles Lands (1545911731)
9. The Age of Calamitous (1113901982)

each placeable crafted item cause an Fatal Error since last update, in Inventory craft cause instand error, other items when you try to place it, also from a friend each try to connect the server cause an Fatal Error.

Hey everybody,

Again please take into consideration that any mods will cause issues after a patch or hotfix. In particular, mods that alter buildings in any way, shape or form will cause crashing issues when building or interacting with any building piece. Please let the mod authors a few days to update their mods. There’s also an issue in the devkit affecting building blueprints and our team is trying to deliver an updated version of the devkit which irons that out.

For those of you who are not using any mods (again, let us reiterate that point: NO mods whatsoever), please keep sending us any details you might have. We’re interested in what actions you took before the crash, which items you were using or interacting with, and how many players were involved. In case you’re crashing around big buildings, we’d also be interested if you could share your database (savegame) with us if possible. Finally, if you could give us a little insight on your system specs it would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the frustration.

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OK so I managed to play last night but since the hotfix today I just cannot log in. Every attempt at logging in results in a fatal error. I’ve tried changing out my sound, lowering graphics to low end laptop, changing to all modes (fullscreen, windowed, fullscreen windowed) but every time I’m about to load in I get the fatal error. Both my husband and a friend saw my avi stand up just before I got the fatal error.

Just for ease of seeing I have no mods, only all the dlc packs

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I’m not sure if it helps or not but apparently through all my log in attempts my character starved to death. Seems my last fatal error was indeed fatal, my husband said I died in front of him and he has had to loot my corpse and put my stuff in my chest

Update: So after dying from starvation from multiple log in attempts I was able to log in. On my person before death I had dlc earrings and dlc spear, not sure if it is related.

Further: After my death and managing to log in I did not equip my dlc weapon and earrings and I was able to log out and back in again. Played for a few hours then crashed with a fatal error after opening the large campfire. It may be worth anyone that is having the same fatal errors on logging in to see if any of their friends can remove dlc items from their person.

For what it is worth, mod fixes are being worked on and already some are updated and fixed. Some players may have to spend a little more time away from their modded servers, but the core game (and now PIPPI-only servers) works fine for PC.

I won’t list the mods on my server in here, but I have twelve. As long as the players on my server (and I guess this applies to all Modded servers) either be patient till all the mods are updated, or play and stick to fighting, gathering, surviving, but NOT building or interacting with specific Mod placed workstations and decor, they can play.

Me = Happier than last night

Thanks for the Discord progress updates FunCom staff!

Hello Guys

Here´s a little Update from our private non-mod Server after the Hotfix:

  • Several players can´t connect to the server wihout a crash or fatal error.
  • Multi-Delete Structures (Ctrl+Shift+Del) causes 100% a Fatal Error
  • open up the map causes a Fatal Error, no matter if you are in the base or no base nearby

Some of the players and I tested around with the graphic settings (Ultra, high, low, etc.) but the errors remains.

Core game isn’t working for everyone unless you mean no official DLC either.

Well, since my favorite private servers are modded and right now, not much fun besides rp’ing, I have the whole weekend to test, so I volunteer for an intense play on testlive if that helps in any way.

An updated devkit has been released today so mod authors can start bringing their creations up to date with the current version of the game. That should iron out most crashes caused by mods.
As per other crashes reported in this thread, we managed to reproduce consistently what we think at the moment is the main reason the game is experiencing these fatal errors.

If you still have any additional information you could provide about your particular situation please don’t hesitate to send it our way in a constructive and civil manner.

Thanks again for your collaboration and patience while we work through this issue.


Upon any attempt to place the Improved benches, blacksmith, furnace, kiln, armorers bench, and icebox, I get a fatal error before the structure loads in. the ones listed are the only ones I’ve attempted so I don’t know if any of the other improved benches are broken as well. The best way to repeat this crash is to move an improved bench into the hotbar and press the corresponding number, the game will freeze for 3 sec and then I get the error message and the game crashes. It’s made the game impossible to play as I can no longer progress the game without the ability to obtain better gear. I’ve attempted to verify integrity of game files to no avail, it is important to note that I’m not experiencing this crash with end game building pieces, just end game crafting benches (note: I’ve only built with the Aquilonian structures, no others)

Just wanted to give a big thank for releasing the devkit so quick!. :wink:

Update: Tried logging in today (with no dlc content on me) and fatal error on loading. Tried again after switching graphics down to low end and got in, upped my graphics again and the game crashed 2 mins in.

Since a few days after the big patch, my clan crashes daily on official pvp 1945. It seems to only crash in the evening (from about 7:30PM-10:30PM CST) and only near base. But when it crashes, it crashes everyone at base at the same time, and once it starts it crashes about every 3-5 minutes during that time period. None of us are running any mods - we’ve all validated file integrity. I’ve reinstalled fresh. It’s basically unplayable during that time period. If we go to base, we get stuck at base.

Additionally, we’re never doing the same action. Sometimes it’s when I access an inventory. Others I’m opening a door. Sometimes I’m not doing anything but walking. But it always seems to crash everyone at the same time.

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I still don’t understand this entire thing. I literally feels like you are trying to intentionally get rid of mods. Every excuse is never YOUR software, its always mods. Not trying to be an ■■■■■■■ but its a load of crap. Mods aren’t the problem, the problem is you guys not working with the mod makers to make sure that everything works. You literally released a hot fix and didn’t release a dev kit with the updated code modders needed for HOURS. Servers that people pay good money for were practically down for 3 days cause you guys you changed your code, screwed it up, then released a hot fix that broke everything while fully aware it was going to break EVERY MOD with placeables. Your solution … Uninstall your mods.

You know this isn’t possible with mods that add placeables. You know that every mod with building pieces would destroy players bases and completely destroy entire communities. You cant just uninstall a mod and have no effect on the player community. Its a silly practice and you know it is, worst part is you dont care. You have ZERO respect for the mod community. The actually community making the game fun!

In all my years of running server and modding games, (Ark, Arma, Rust) I have never seen a company that allows their game to be modded not support people who have issues cause they use mods! Every other developer that allows them works in tandem with the mod community except YOU. If you didn’t want mods you never should have allowed them to begin with. We pay good money to have servers, we pay good money for your DLC’s, and we pay good money to have the Conan experience WE want to have. The people playing your game and keeping it alive. But you as a company dont have the common decency to make sure EVERYBODY has a flawless experience.

It makes me sad cause I love this game so much. Its unfortunate the company that I have invested so much time and money in finds me worthless cause I own and develop on a modded server. Change your practices, care about your ENTIRE community, not just the people playing on your official servers or xbox or playstation. We love this game, but you make it very difficult for us to continue to love it with your silly practices.

A modded server owner and developer.


I have to agree with jasonconstantine.
Myself and my friend while playing conan have often talked about the dev’s in this forum during this “Fatal Error” screw up and the one thing we always come up with AND notice is that they ALL blame the mods or modders.
Myself and my friend are not modders but we can clearly see by the amount of people complaining about official unmodded servers giving “Fatal Errors” that it is NOT the mods and seems to be an excuse by the Dev’s to take some flack off of themselves for the screw up they themselves have caused.
Dev team … stop blaming your community and stop blaming the mods and modders or your game WILL end up like Paragon from Epic Games they abused there own community and everything that happened was the communities fault… guess what ? everyone left as it was not true.

People are not stupid we all talk and we all see what is going on we read the forums and discords and we all see the only reason why this is happening is down to one group of people…

I feel sad for typing this out but… someone has to say it, dont blame others when your at fault… if youtubers cover this issue you are going to get alot of worldwide backlash.

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A lot of it is and was caused by Mods. I know, because I’m the author of one of the major culprits (that I was able to solve once I got my hands on the new dev kit of course).

What you all don’t see on the forums, and claim they aren’t doing, is them being active on discord, letting us mod authors know where the status is of the dev kit, their tool developer providing a manual update because there was an upload issue with Epic even though they didn’t have to, and still checked in at 2:00 AM (their time) to let us know that the Dev Kit update finally went through on Epic’s end.

The community team isn’t blaming modders in an effort to redirect blame. They are saying that they know that because of the necessary changes they needed to make on the official patches that it’s going to cause some issues with mods. To give mod authors time to update. And finally, they said they know that there are crash issues related to the game that doesn’t have to do with mods. What they are ultimately trying to do is separate out the crash issues caused by mod incompatibilities (like mine, until just a short while ago) so that they can identify the vanilla crash issue reports to work on those.

That’s their job, they need to identify what crashes are caused by the mod conflicts (like mine), and what is being caused by the game.


Multi don’t defend them. Seriously… They released a hot fix they KNEW were going to break things. You kissing their ■■■ just fuels their fire …They knew that hot fix would break everything and they did it anyway so they could save their own ■■■, and screw everyone who uses mods. They dont care about us. Dont act like they do.

As for your comment “a lot if it was caused by mods” thats a fallacy. It was caused by Funcom releasing a Dev Kit that was broken, and then rolling back those changes without telling devs about ti or giving you a way to roll back your own changes for said update. Dont take the blame for their screw ups.

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@Multigun i respect your reasons for defending them BUT people are complaining about fatal errors on NON modded servers yet you claim its the mods fault.

im not here to cause issues or fan flames of anger but when we see so many people report fatal errors on non modded servers and then the dev’s claim its the mods and modders fault something does not add up… and im sure you are well versed in percentages on how many people get fatal errors on un-modded servers and do not report them on the forums so its more than people are actually made aware.

I for one am not saying mods dont have a direct effect on fatal errors but again… it started with poor coding from the dev’s not the modders and lack of a dev kit for hours after the update… which for MANY actually made the game worse to play.

There is a time for kissing butt and a time for realising that just as many people are having fatal errors on un-modded servers as people who are modded it may be happening more on modded servers but its not the modders fault… its the poor coding from the people who update the game itself.

I also did not claim they are not active or searching for a fix, my claim was they are simply redirecting blame to people who do not deserve that blame.

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