Fatal error spawning to bedroll and logging into house

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash ]
Region: [US]

Every time I die and go to spawn back at my bedroll I get a Fatal error. It proceeds to have the fatal error after exiting the game and trying to log back in. The only way I was able to log back in was to have someone on the server destroy the foundation my bedroll was on. Once i got back in I moved my bedroll in the middle of the room, but still got the fatal error after death. I then again got someone to break the structure around my bedroll, was able to log in with no error, and moved it into the forest away from anything. That seemed to work but after i logged out while inside my house i am now getting the fatal error again. I had someone break the foundations around me and was able to log back in, but it seems that if i log off anywhere in the house i will get this error. I dont want to hope that someone is online to break my house just to log in every time. I am playing on a friends server with no mods. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Similar issue on PC SP PVP, a couple of times now when I double clicked on a piece of armor in inventory to equip it the “Fatal Error” message is displayed and have to re-log into game. Doesn’t happen ALL of the time though, but is an intermittent issue, the WORSE kind of bug to find / fix / report as you can’t really replicate the issue 100% of the time.

Update, as to now I can’t log in at all to the sever.