Fatal Error then Full servers

Really nice when you finally get into your server and then you get fatal errored out and then can’t get your place back.

Good thing there is enough slots to get back in especially on weekends . I mean it’s not like they only have 40 slots on the server or something so getting back in is a snap…

And oh btw the way it always kills and no graves you. Funtimes Funcom.

these a$$hats … cant login, cant que. Losing thousands of players a day because of PPP

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I just had this same experience. Got on the server after 15 minutes of Queueing through steam, was quite happy with that. Got all my stuff together, went out of my base and got an immediate fatal error while outside, carrying all my good equipment. Been waiting half an hour to get back in. I know it will all be disappeared/stolen when I get back in. Funcom must provide a fix/route back online for people whose time off server is under 5 minutes (due to a game crash).

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