Fatal error! when trying to login to game

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Testlive_US3_PvE
Region: US

I was able to play normally, but when I logout, I can no longer play with fatal error from the next time.

The situation before logout is here.

  • Buildings that can not be destroyed while building with sandstone material came out. (In my case it was a stairs and fence)
  • I saw the stability of the unbreakable building, but there is no indication

US1_PVP and singleplay have no problem, I think that my save data of US3_PVE is broken.

I got fatal error as well while running around in Crowngrove. Now I crash in the loading screen every time with fatal error, Can’t play. Server: Combat_Testlive_EU1_PvP

2 days later and I still get fatal error trying to load into the server.

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