Fatal Errors Since Update

Online server (through G-portal)
USA Region

First time posting so please bear with me. I and several of my players have been running into this error a lot.
Fatal error: [File:C:\B\branch_exiles-live\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp] [Line: 1137]
Failed to find function FS_PlayFootstepSoundFromType in SoundFunctionLibrary_C /Game/Sound/Tables/SoundFunctionLibrary.Default__SoundFunctionLibrary_C
It seems to occur in certain areas or when several folks around running at the same time. Does anyone know a possible fix?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Run around the game
2.Suddenly fatal error
3.Sigh in resignation
4.Log in again

Also, in case it is helpful, below is the current mod list:
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol 2
Glass Constructs
Shadows of Skelos vol. 2
Savage Steel extended
Stones statues
Endgame Extended
EEWA Ultradimensional
Dark age buildings reforged-split
NOper’s Lighted power stones
Stoja’s warpaints
Better thralls v1.7.1
skimpy armors
arena pier 1.1.9
improved quality of life
less building placement restrictions
unlock plus (with pickup)
Kerozards paragon Leveling

It’s one or more of your mods, but don’t know which.

Hmm… I’ve been systematically trying to find which in case was a mod. Removing and adding back and going through little by little. Trying to get this sorted for my players before I rebuild the dungeons and quests. (Everyone’s stuff broke so bad all the players voted for a wipe)

I had to go through my mods one by one to find my culprit for this issue.

In the end I lost Skelos Exiled Lands Placeables, and StraysThralls. The first two crash the game outright and the last crashes it anytime you interact with a thrall.

You will just have th o go through your mods one by one to identify which it it is.

Eliminating half at a time is both more efficient and will determine if more than one mod at a time is creating this error.



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