Fatal Errors when useing the Clan Treasuery

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Hexenkessel
Mods: Pickup+, Better Thralls v2.2.3, Unlock+ 1.7.12, Niflheimr Teleporter V3

Bug Description:

(Sorry for my English and writeing, dislexic and self learned english) Players on the Server crash if they try to start a Purge or Trade in treasures. Some cant even trade them in at all. The moment someone does one of the 2 options the game freezes, and a “FatalError” pops up. Only the one starting the purge/trade treasures gets the crash and the purge wont spawn. In single player it does work normaly with or without mods, and we tested it without mods on the server and it still didnt work. I have also tried verifying my data on steam, reinstalling and updateing my grafic-driver. All without a fix sadly. I cant Upload a immage but i can write in what the Error says.
The Ue4-ConanSandbox Game has crashed and will close
Fatal error:
\Uobject\ScriptCore.cpp] [Line: 1137]
Failed to find function ServerStartPurge in

Bug Reproduction:

Just walking to the treasury of the clan and trying to trade or start a purge.

Any help is aprechiated since i wasnt able to find anything related to the problem. And im not great with computers.
Thank you all in advance.

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I suspect that it is the mod Niflheimr Teleporter V3 that causes the error.

Just remove the mod and then test.


Thank you, it was this mod and it was only deactivated and not deinstalled from the server ! :blush:

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