Fatal Grafikbug

Gretings Funcom,

about 2 days ago i realized a fatald Grafigbug in Conan Exils-The exiled Lands.

alot of contures like Rocks and Buildings what is visualy able to see in abid farer distance shines in a imense white shine. This uncomon Problem i have never seen any time befor, and it is imense disturbing. I no longer can see the real Grafik of this game like it was before. Special worse this overshined effekt is seen in the Night. IT IS FATAL. Even worse is, that i canot find a possebility to solve this Issue somehow.

I realy need help, and i would be verry thankvull, if you would go and take a look into this.

With friendly regards

-Your Turialon-

Hey @Turialon

We’re aware of this issue. It has to do with an error introduced in the latest update in regards to the fog system. We’re working to get it fixed in the next patch.

Sorry for the eyesore.


Thank you for your answer friend

For now you can drink night vision potion, but don`t die, as you have to drink it once again

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