Fatalities. From annoying to amazing in one single step!

I‘m traumatized anyway, nothing this one could do to me will have much of an impact.

Also i was a little bit tired after this week, standing up at 4:30 in the morning is a tough task, that used to be the time when i was about to sleep.
And when i logged in on Sunday for the first time after a while, i realized some of my “construction sites” decayed already :sweat_smile:

However, when i got used to my new rhythm we will continue…
But what server do you prefer guys?
@stelagel doesn‘t like the performance on that us-server.


Awakening at 0’dark thirty is always a jarring shift.
Take as much time as you need to adjust.
As far as trauma, may you have had your fill of it and no more comes for you.
As for server choices, this one will defer to @stelagel
We have a decent footprint on the current one and have helped with a few activities with minimal difficulty.
Lag and performance are always a thing, especially on a heavily built server. There may be other options, but we would all need to discuss those and this one is cheerfully ambivalent in that regard, as there are no bad answers.


Oh i love the server, worry not but not for the server, only for the people who play in it.
I suggested you to start in any EU server for 2 basic reasons.
1st it’s your region. Playing on your region will give you the best possible performance.
2nd EU servers need builders like you. When servers have good builders, other players get inspiration.

My main EU server has many folks from Germany. Say the word and i’ll deliver you the leadership in a snap of the fingers!

For me this game however has excitement when i create a new character, when i do things the way i shouldn’t and above all when i play with friends.

Today i started Siptah Oceania. I hope i will “lure” @everybodyvsME and @LostBrythunian there too. @everybodyvsME is an outstanding fighter and i sense that he is a talented builder too. I want to enjoy and learn from his skills in an environment that he can perform correctly.

UNfun If you haven’t meet @Cannipals still, you MUST!!!

We have time however, no rush, get together with your new professional life and fun is guaranteed :metal:.


Yes lots of time @UNfun like @stelagel says

Using @stelagel‘s design we have a tier 3 purge base. We’ve tested it lots on lvl 5 purges but not yet on lvl 6 and up

The purge base is far from everything so star metal caller can rain down destruction and golems can blow up and only hurts us :joy:

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This one will go eventually, but this one is not an Octopus and lacks the speed of Hermes.
Too many servers will stretch this one’s meager free time quite thin.

So, this one will curate down to a small number.
This one will remain on Wonka 's.
Then there is the one with Cannipals and UNfun

This one will need to trim off the other public servers before starting a fresh public.

Then there are the private servers.
Which are not going anywhere, but still.

Before starting a new one, where are we building?
This one requests trees this time.

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You’re joking right? :rofl:

It was great playing with you all. Most fun I’ve had on CE for a long time. :+1:t2::tumbler_glass:


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