Fate's Reckoning IRP-PVP|18+|Custom Mods|Active Staff|Server Lore


Fate’s Reckoning is a brand new RP/PvP server with an active admin team that is willing to help out with anything you need! We are looking for adventurous players seeking a home in a fun, welcoming community.

We strive to create a balanced and engaging experience from the moment you step foot off the farrier. Our custom mods allow players to indulge in the game in ways that extend far beyond the basics. Currently, there are a variety of server lore plot lines to sink your teeth into, with various groups already making their homes in these blasted lands. Many are friendly and seeking help…but if you are unfortunate enough to meet those that are not, pray that the gods be with you. Will you be a lord of the land or a foot soldier on the front line of the battlefield? Or perhaps you will be a tavern owner or merchant. Come join us on this rapidly expanding server and make a name for yourself. We hope to see you in-game!

~EXP Rate - 2x
~Max Level - 120
~Gather Rate - 3x
~Purge is turn off to make sure that nobody loses their hard work!
~Drop on Death is turned off
~No Avatars
~Containers ignore ownership

Mod List:
~No Building Placement Restrictions
~Savage Steel
~Improved Quality of Life
~Pythagoras Support Beams
~Exiled lands improved
~Warrior mutator mod
~Aquilonian Passion Body

Server Direct Connect: