Favorite Bulding tiles from Mods - it’s a pitty they don’t come with the game

This is my favorite building tile from the Mod Glas Constructions and more from I-emerge

I-emerge fulfilled me a wish making these simple building tiles: the wooden beam walls


Yeah, the wooden beam “wall” is incredibly useful, especially when creating a Nordheimer-themed base. The same goes for the T1 simple wood (not sure which mod adds that though, I use too many :wink: ).

Yes @Kendaric. :pray:t3: Please post some pictures of these. You certainly mean the wooden tiles from Warrior Mutator.

Here are some screens:


To BiJay and Kendaric. Practical and stylish. These look great.

The work y’all can do on the computers vs. our consoles is amazing. I would love to have those building pieces. This reminds me of Lego catalogs I would get as a little boy. All of the cool sets were only available in Europe.

On Xbox myself and love the Aquilonian, and Frontier buildings.

I just started to mix and match styles.

Black Ice and Frontier go great with each other.

Yes I know it’s not a mod, but I work with what I have access to :grin:.