Favorite Conan Exiles Easter Egg?

Wassup! We thought this would be a fun question to put out since a lot of you found some really good easter eggs that others may not have discovered or known about. :slight_smile: We stuck this on Twitter and Facebook and I thought it’d be fun to get responses here too! Like the description for this headdress. ;D

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What are some of your favorites?


I’ll throw out one that hasn’t been implemented yet-- I’m really hoping to see a t4 bearer thrall named Lydia Burden-Sworn!

but probably my favorite is Inigo the Vengeful, I had a shack full of them processing my hide :joy:. and on the Cascade Exiles PS4 server I’m on, the admin hosts awesome movie events and ties them to in-game challenges and rewards, so we got Inigo for watching Princess Bride, Hammer of Crom for Galaxy Quest (by Grabthar’s Hammer!), commanders helmet for Dredd, etc. we fight off gorignaks (rockslides) for GQ, climbed the tower of power for Dredd and had to avoid greater rhinos launching you off the side, etc.

anyway love the actual Easter eggs in game & the creative people like the admins on Cascade!


Kathibria Featherstep, a T4 Sherpa. Named after our wise and powerful @Cattibria, so says the wiki. It was a very good day when I came across her on our server! :star_struck:


Cool some one in my clan caught her and put her in my bedroom. Good kids.


The large Wheel of Pain. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan movies are my childhood favourites (no matter how cheesy and faulty they are) so I immediately recognised it. It is so well done!!! Me, my husband and his brother bought a server for us to play together in our PS4’s. They had never seen the movies and never realised why I made fun of them for making cimmerians and choosing Set has their god. So one night I’ve shown them Conan the Barbarian. As soon as they show the Wheel in the distance they started laughing. :smiley:

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The sentinel have a Lord of the ring feel that please me each time i saw them

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