Favorite New Line of Dialogue (Spoilers incoming.)

One of the best thing of any SWL expansion is the characters and more importantly, what they say.
What’s your favorite new line of dialogue of the New Dawn expansion? It can be scary, funny, badass or just plain interesting.

‘I happen to like my head. It complements my suit’.

Richard Sonnac, being sarcastic even in the face of possible death and torture. (Who wants to bet humor is his coping mechanism to deal with the BS of his job on a daily basis?)


I rather liked that one as well. It was nice to hear that voice again in general.

Sonnac’s voice acting in this installment is GOLD. I mean, it’s always great, but Jimmy Ackinbola really took it up a notch, especially during the phone calls. (I kinda ‘eep’-ed at the end.)

I rather enjoy Geary’s: “You are hard to kill, But if you don’t think I can put you in a coma, feed you liquefied kittens and have you listen to Nickelback for an eterny, you have another thing coming.”


My two favorite lines from Daimon are “Let’s pretend we’re an elite clandestine organisation… See what we can figure out.” and “More than one way to mutilate a cat, eh? We’re past the event horizon now, my lovely.”

Not really dialogue, but two words;

‘Uncle Beri’.


I’d have paid good money for someone to call him that to his face and watch the fallout.

‘Like Autumn leaves over a corpse’
For someone who hates the guy, Riley sure knows how Sonnac talks.

Calling in heavy ordinance!