Favorite Side Activities to Blow Time

What do you do just to mess around? Perhaps a genocide of the gorillas in the Forgotten City? Or maybe train a mass of spiders (including the bosses) to a nearby player settlement?

What do you do when you aren’t really focusing on any certain task?:relaxed:

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I usually run the genocides on the Dafari settlements and main city for YOG zeal. #ellusiveYogarchpriest

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I play on a PVE-C server.

  1. I run a tavern. So if you want to come have a drink or some fine dining. Please head over. Happy to oblige.

  2. I built and will be running a Noob River
    Sporting Goods store and Cantina. Right off of a part of the Broken Highway.

So I spend my free time getting food. Making tents (which I charge cheaper for than sandstorm masks.)

I harvest healing potion mats. I make useful things for the “New Exile on the Go”.

Nothing game breaking. I don’t give them things that take the survival element out.

Everything has a cost at noobmart. But water flasks. Some decorative items. Basic necessities. You can stop by for a snack.

It’s fun for me.


Single player… lots of stuff.

Build giant T-rex, dragons… llamas… bridges, towers… force purges,

on Ps4, we can have several ps4 accounts (dont even need psn) So I have few spare accounts were I use Admin Panel to full glory. Build massive base, thralls, monsters, bridges… force a purge and watch them go off, blow up bridge as line of them cross it. XD

Build arena, spawn npc and monster and laugh as i fire catapult onto it. >_>

Online, Before katana update made alot of us quit… we used to have a private pvp server, were we used Alt PSN’s to build PVP bases with Admin panel, then load up are mains and assault it like a dungeon. We even did a few with multi bosses like a raid. (and me or friend would be in rafters with Admin Panel spawning adds and stuff.

I mostly roam around thou, trying climb everything, look in every knock and crany.


I feed 20 gold-veined and silver veined rocknoses in the pens, with stone. Then i do my rounds to refresh the timers on various public maprooms across several obilisks, and patrol the map for any malicious activities. Then i collect fish to press them into oil, mix them with raw ash to create tar to steelfire, which i then use to convert iron ore byproduct from the rock noses into steel.

It’s become a ritual for me now after several months.

Then I literally just walk around my large base, chatting with my friends on the server. Everyone’s wonderfully fun to talk with.

While grinding stone i philosophize about life and the universe. About how when looking at a blackhole from the outside it is infinitely imploding. But when looking out of a blackhole from the inside it expands endlessly, as if blackholes are universes living side by side. But how do you have infinite sizes exist side by side? Well. Blackholes.


Interesting. We used to have an involuntary durability glitch waay back when (Early Access, prior to Frozen North) that made a pick last forever. I can recall cracking rock for so long I started making up workman songs. We couldn’t climb back then, so side activities were pretty much finding one’s corpse after a bad fall.

Now, I have time for a cool side business. If you set up a wheelhouse at the Three Nord Towers, you can fill an 8-seater in minutes. My racket is as reputable dealer of reclaimed Hardened Steel. #DismantlingBench


There is a pack of hyena , about 15 of them around my place.
I set the Sabertooth in the middle of them, and then stop watch how long it takes for him to kill them all.