Favorited servers have extremely high ping

Any/All official and private servers I have Favorited show a very high ping (100-900) while all other servers show a normal ping of 50-80. This isn’t just happening with my computer, it is the same with my roommate. We thought it was the internet and have checked internet speeds (all higher then they’ve been in the past when we’ve been able to connect), reset the router, hardwired our computers in, and this is still an issue for both of us. Other’s in the these servers aren’t having these issues, but we’ve been having them for a week now.
I have tried to un-favorite servers to see if this would solve my problem. When I did, all the servers then popped up with a ping 100-900. I did a complete re-installation of this game 2-3 weeks ago, so I can’t imagine that I need to do that again.
I live in ATL, GA and play on East coast servers, so my ping isn’t high unless I’m having issues with my internet connection.
If there is any help anyone can give to solve this issue, I would appreciate it!

Servers I am having continued issues with (due to the fact that these are the servers I normally play on):
Official server #1500
Official server #1520
Official server #1523
Private server LetterKenny (

Good report, Azryn. I have one question and a couple of suggestions.
Is this causing lag while you are ingame, or could it be a visual error in the server selection screen?

Either way, there are a few things you can do to test it. The first is look at the ping while ingame.

Hit tilde (upper left and left of the number 1) and type in toggledebughud (can copy here, paste there) then hit enter. You will see extra displays lower left and upper right. The ping is listed in the upper right corner. Re-issue the same command and your screen will return to normal.

Secondly, if you have a high ping with that, run tracert from the Command Prompt as administrator to the IP of your server(s). That will show if there are problems and where they are located within your internet path.

Good luck !



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