Faye Dragonskull backstory

It was a nice fall day. Fall was almost over. The last of the leafs slow falling to the ground. A small village in the distance. The smell of roasted haunch and ale filled the air. Music in the background. People singing,dancing and clapping. Then all of sudden a woman screams as her husband’s head fly off spraying the woman in a coat of blood as she gets cut in half. Many barbarians of a different tribe emerge forward while thrusting axes. Killing many of the town Gaurds and villagers. A town Gaurd rushes to a massive horn and blows to alert the rest of the clan. Clan Dragonskull emerges. Rushing in a barbarian rage slicing and diceing enemies. The night sky lights up with flaming arrows as both side losing allies. Faye and Izzy peeks out to see what going on. Few arrows rushes by killing Miss Ruby,Emma,Mia and Lady Dragonskull. Lord Dragonskulls order Gaurds Raven,Abby,Riley,Nora and Quinn to take his daughters Izzy and Faye out of the town.

As the group of seven sneak out the town. There was only a handful of Clan Dragonskull and enemy barbarians left. As the night turn to day the battle dies down. It’s only Lord Dragonskulll and the barbarian leader. Both are badly injured. Both swings there swords cutting each other’s head off.

While Raven,Abby,Riley,Nora,Quinn,Izzy and Faye are traveling. They run into a large camp. Thinking the locals were friendly and needing food,water and a place to stay. They thought to ask for help. The tribe surrounded the group of seven. The tribe knock out and strip the group of seven. These are worshippers of yog. Three days passed Riley,Nora and Quinn were tribute to yog and then cooked. While most of the tribe sleep Raven,Abby,Izzy and Faye escape there cage. They sneak naked in the dark grabbing a few of the dagger the tribe had. That entire tribe had there throats slit in one night. After redressing and requipping all there gear. They drain that camp of water and food. Anything that wasn’t human flesh. That camp burn to the ground.

Finally a river. Raven,Abby,Izzy and thought they were safe. As soon Abby wenet to drink at the river and to fill up a water skin out pops a croc snapping off Abby head and ending her life. Raven,Izzy and Faye stabs the croc the swords piece the lungs,brain and heart of the croc killing it. They burn Abby body as it is the way of our people.

Traveling for days. The three travel a across the sands. Something not right. The ground shakes as a giant scorpion appears. Raven slashes it legs off and slices it’s belly. The creature falls down and screams. The giant scorpion thurst it tail destroying raven’s shield and stabbing her in the chest. Izzy and Faye cuts it’s tail off and stabs it to death. The scorpion dead Raven lays there motionless. So close to the city. Faye and Izzy burn Ravens body. The Sunrises it’s a beautiful morning. Faye and Izzy walks into the city.

The city is full of life. Music in the back. Merchants selling there goods. The big walls andlots of gaurds make seem safe. A man shouting thief. As a woman runs by and drops a few rare carpets. The man thinks Izzy is the thief. He accuses her of stealing. Izzy and Faye tells the man he is wrong. The guy harasses Izzy and Faye punches him and knocking him down. Just then the man bodyguard appears thinking his employer is endanger. The bodyguard shoots Izzy in the skull with a cross bow. Enrage Faye slashes the bodyguard in half. She cuts the man limbs off and finally his head off. Town gaurds surround her. The man she killed father is a high priest. The high priest demands Faye be put on a cross and die a slow death. And this is how Faye ended on a cross. Sentence to death.

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There two ways this story could have gone. I chose the cruel version. I have no NPC allies. So the rest of the tribe had to die off. And this is the back story. What is Faye Dragonskull future and present? Only the updates will tell.

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No feedback? I shared the epic back strory of Faye Dragonskull.

How come Abby die twice?

It was suppose to be Izzy.