FC pls consider upgrading Tier 3 pvp weapons


Pvp 3 Tier weapons should be best in slot. You would avoid a lot of discussions if they where. Downgrading pve stuff is very bad idea since its undermines the effort of ppl that did go for it. UpgradIng pvp does harm no ppl and sets a motivation . When regular t3 pvp Tier is upgraded also the exotic ones on same value.
FC i dont know who makes your sales strategy but think logically. You offer chests for money and for 80% of classes this weapons are not best in slot since pve is better? They have nice vanity but we cant use vanity weapons. So make the damn thing desirable to get your chests sold :sunglasses:
No one loses on this approach. All keep what they have at least. Old pvp ppl get a minor Upgrade for free, new have something to strife for. You make money. Saga reward which i bet is weapon is highly desirable. All happy! :sunglasses:

T3 crafted 2hd blunt (Shillelagh of Soggoth)

There’s way too much power around as it is, though (a lot of that is due to tenacity/extreme crit rating I’ll admit). You’d have to beef up the armor on the gear significantly to compensate any changes made.


Not talking on extreme changes likewise tune it for 5% more damage or so. Just to be clear so that there is no discussion what is best in slot. Especially on those weapons that are sub par pve counterparts. Or if you say we do overdamage add protection like on main pieces.


I’m basing my numbers off of a tier increase, in this case T5 to T6, which is realistic to what we’d be expecting.

If you look at the melee weapons, it’s roughly an increase of 10 base dps for the 2h weapons and 5 for the 1h weapons (not in all cases, but ballpark), which is a quite a strong and noticeable boost, thus armor should be increased to compensate.

I did intentionally exclude protection from that as caster weapons don’t work like melee weapons and mean no more than any piece of armor. The T6 dagger is giving 10 more magic damage over T5, which is a completely unnoticeable amount.


Why not just add -1000 pvp hit rating to those op pve weapons. Just like t6 has


Thats the attitude i will never unterstand. Instead YOU get something better its more desirable to you that OTHERS lose. Human psychology :joy:


Or, just add T4 and T5 weapons to the armory for purchase for a heavy amount of mini game tokens (with no level restriction) and be done with it.


This would be acceptable too


The reason is that some ppl, I including myself are not interested in wasting our time hitting scripted pinatas but like to spend our precious gaming time doing pvp. It is very annoying if the best stuff for pvp is not obtainable through pvp, like it would be annoying if best pve gear would not be obtainable through pve.


And whats the point on my topic? I did not say otherwise…


Upgrade t3 pvp set will do too big difference between t1 pvp set…It’s will destroy pvp balance when 5pvp with good hands can own t3 pvp nab, same about new t4 pvp, it should have same differ in stats like t2pvp and t3 pvp only in that way.