F'com fix your damn server 6103: Admin pass stealing or hack


Since you closed my other thread I will keep creating new ones til I am satisfied or you ban me. This is totally unacceptable and quoting your terms of service because you don’t want to do anything to fix a blatant “hack” is LOL. Whether its stealing an admin pass or some other hack. Your suggestion via the phrasing of your quoted section response that I just buy a server, is troll.
Instead of wasting time on creating a bunch of changes to crafting (most of which make little sense considering what was previously described as making it harder to get thralls, “but F it, lets throw that into the crafting table” move. Perhaps you should spend that time and resources on anti cheat programming or monitoring of your servers. If this is the way Funcom intends to continue to roll, I doubt I will be buying DUNE in any form of game from you.

I have over 7000 hours in Conan, thats 7K and in all my time playing, dealing with dupes, god coin hacks, meshing, etc I have never, NEVER been teleported against my will and murdered by another player. The pile of bodies at the kill spot says plenty of others on the server have never seen it either for if they had, they would have quit a long time ago with your obvious disdain for your player base!

Was it noxious clan?

Yes most likely. But I have no real proof beyond they were the only ones left standing and were looting all the bodies. Perhaps someone else got vid or screenshots. I have a final screenshot of dead bodies as proof to myself that it really happened and wasn’t a nightmare.

There’s been no rewrite of any terms of service as of lately.
This is the second thread you opened about the same issue despite the initial response. Please take this short time out to review both our server rules and our community guidelines.