Fear of Ban, the sad reality of servers! Help me FUNCOM!

Please help me to get this problem to the people who can solve it. (The official model of reporting server issues could become another problem worse for me)

Latin servers are horrible, unplayable a few months ago, but found an UNOFFICIAL way to solve lag and game performance on these servers.

The problem is that this can get you a ban!

To play on the Latin servers we have to use VPN and log in with an IP from the United States.

That’s the only way it works! If you don’t do this “TICK”, you will hardly be able to get out of the base itself, because objects don’t materialize, doors don’t appear and sometimes it takes hours. YES HOURS WAITED FOR THE DOOR TO APPEAR!

The question is, how can this be fixed? because it’s not worth playing conan exiles on official servers.


Currently on official server 1977


The worst happened!

The lag situation didn’t let me dismantle my base to change location, so I got an unfair BAN for leaving construction parts scattered around the map. My clan warned the situation (I have proof) that I couldn’t take the pieces out because they didn’t appear to be taken out. We’ve lost years of gameplay building and following the rules. But because of a miscommunication, we lost everything.

We don’t want anything that was lost (it’s gone) but fix the servers so no one goes through this frustration.
All Latin servers.

including the official server 1977

NOTE: We don’t denounce in the traditional way because that’s how we lost everything.

I’m scared of getting another ban, for playing with VPN, but it’s the only way to play :frowning:

Are all of them like this, or do others behave differently? In my case, I also resorted to VPN and tried a server number 4 digits lower and it worked out much better. (This is only for diagnostic purposes.)

If it’s ALL servers and you’re inside BR, please let us know.


There is something definitely wrong with your server’s routing.

@Ignasi there is an “in-addr.arpa” reverse address issue with Server 1977 at IP Here in the US it is resolving to “roberto134…example.com.” [ellipse to break the link]


All official PVE and PVE-C map (The exiled lands) are bad! in the case of PVP I’m not sure. The maps of Siptah are very good.

Bad servers:
1977 PVE-C (The exiled lands) *THE WORST
1975 PVE (The exiled lands)
1976 PVE (The exiled lands)
1999 PVP (The exiled lands)

perfect servers
6306 (Siptah)
6307 (Siptah)

I think this situation is like the guy who went to the doctors office and said: “hey look doc, it hurts terribly when I punch myself in the face - like this! <smack!> What is your diagnosis?” And the doctor replies: “Don’t punch yourself in the face and the pain will soon go away”.

Don’t play online games through a VPN and the pain will soon go away!

Same answer, different reasons. If “nothing works” with the VPN on then don’t use the VPN.

If the ping is too high on some servers then don’t use those servers.

Not everyone can use all servers. That’s why they are regionally located.

I think you misunderstood, I’m saying it’s only good with VPN. without the VPN nothing works! EVERYTHING IS INVISIBLE, nothing loads! as in the picture I showed. “Actually, the patient is taking invisible punches, but when he punches himself, the pain goes away”

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I use servers in my region, and the ping is good, but that’s the mystery, servers with bad ping from other regions are better. Explain me that?

OK, that’s not what you said in your deleted post but ok, go with that then:

If it only works with the VPN then just use the VPN. Solved.

That’s an easy one. Funcom does NOT know how to measure ping. I have reported this about 5 times here already. The first time the FC employee asked me to provide video of the problem if you can believe that. So, I actually did - LOL. Nothing has changed tho.

sorry for having deleted it, it’s just that I saw that there was a mistake in the explanation. my english is bad.

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Sure, NP… no apologies necessary!

Pode falar em português, eles possuem Google tradutor também…

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But her English is great IMO… Just saying… :slight_smile:


Funcom can just ban you for nothing, so you don’t have to be fear anymore. That’s probably the only help they can give you.

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