Feast of the Glutton Challenge

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Do you want a challenge? A challenge that may change your experience in Conan Exiles. Well, I have a challenge for you, it is called the Feast of the Glutton.

Feast of the Glutton

The challenge is rather simple, eat and/or drink all the consumable items in Conan Exiles. But there’s a catch, you’re not only consuming 1 item, you’re consuming 100 of every item. Also, there are items that may only require less than 100 to complete, these items are considered special items. For example, Spoiled Gruel only requires 10 to be consumed, due to Gruel having a long expiration timer. Details of challenge and the listed special items are in the link above.

If you do take on this challenge, show this emote :plate_with_cutlery: to say that you accepted the challenge.


This challenge can be done on the PC, PS4 or Xbox versions of the game.
You do not need to start a new game. Unless you want to.
If you are running mods, you’ll only need the do the vanilla items

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