Feat calculator

As my favorite feat calculator site seems to be down for an indefinite period, does anyone have a working alternative?

Hi, maybe try this one : https://joharaoc.eu/feat ?

Can you open that one? It doesnt work for me anymore.


Yes i can use it

You may have a security alter (due to some out of date thing on this website, i think) but you can overpath it and still use the feat planer ^^

After I know that with some browser access are more or less blocked during this kind of alert

With mine i just click on “advanced setting” on bottom of page and on the " Yes continue on website name " and it’s ok

You can use ours here …

MeatHooks Minions - AoC Toons

I do not have the copy/paste for the in game string working quite right yet, but you can still do a build manually.


Thank you very much. this one works perfectly

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