Featblacklist & building piece usage

So im running a server and limiting building pieces, does anyone know how I can pull that data to see other clans usage? And I can’t seem to get the feat blocker to work either.
I’ve used this:
FeatsBlacklist=(“13”, “14”)
in both defaultserversettings and serversettings and it doesn’t seem to work…

Are you using the featIDs that appear when you hoover over as admin? You can block feats only, you cannot block a recipe in a feat.

Furthermore, it is sufficient to add the line to ServerSettings.ini only. Avoid touching DefaultSettings.ini as this can be reset when Funcom updates the game.

Yes I am. 13 and 14 is for lances. I will double check though. I moved the line further up instead of having it at the bottom to see if that changes anything. I am waiting on a daily restart to happen as there are players on my server to see if it worked. I also put it in default settings as well as server settings this time around.

I am not at home to double check the IDs but by not working do you mean that you still see them in your feats. If you don’t see them in your feats but you see them in the crafting station then this is working as intended. The feat blocker prevents those feats to be learnt but if you already have them, they won’t be removed until you reset your feats.

I am still able to take the feats, and that is without admin enabled. I will update on it when it resets in 2 hours.

Is there a way to check the heatmap or something of that nature through the console or something? My server has a 10k building limit since the new update implemented being able to see how much you’re using.

The feat blocker is finally working, moving it up the list seemed to have fixed it. Thanks for the help.

Now hopefully I can find someone to help me with the heatmap thing or how to view the database and see what the other clans are using.

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