Feature request: Add search dogs to the game

Dear Funcom,

Please consider adding a “search dog/guard dog” mechanic to canine followers that alerts players to nearby enemy players/thralls and give a visual waypoint showing the enemy player location.

This feature would help tremendously in finding players (online or offline) hiding in the mesh or other unintended spots while allowing the community to report exploiters.


I also requested this item in the past @thoth-anon. Let us hope it will be realized some day.

EDIT: I remembered to actually post the link this time. :upside_down_face:


While this could be a good idea, I’m just gonna play a bit of devil’s advocate here. If you introduce a mechanic like this into the game, you need a counterbalance. Now, feel free to ignore me on this as I don’t PvP, but I suggest the implementation of some sort of lure, much like the lures already craftable in the game and the upcoming event to lure and distract said dogs. If there’s not a way to counteract these dogs, it will remove the ability to fairly utilize stealth aspects of the game. Part of PvP is being able to bypass undetected. That being said, such lures could be a bit more difficult to craft, and possibly being heavy or have some sort of other method to keep them from being spammable. Also, putting a limit on the dog’s capabilities will keep them from being too op.


As I understand it the majority of the mesh spots have been resolved save bedroll types; including the wolf cave.

There’s 2 bedroll types that require godding to remove that I know of.

Other than what I am speaking of, are there still some real undermesh spots remaining?

I could have seen the viability of this before but now? You can just foundation sweep.

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Oh there’s still plenty of meshable places and draw bridge still works too. I think a search dog mechanic will help clans deal with cheaters on their own. I’m seeing too many risk averse clowns living out of body vaults they hide in mesh spots during raid hours instead of building permanent bases. Hammer sweeps aren’t guaranteed to always work nor do they detect hidden players/thralls. While many still have mesh bases, a growing trend I’m seeing is people building bases during the day when buildings can’t be damaged, then packing up everything into body vaults before the start of raid and stashing them in mesh holes(or another glitch involving a bat but I’m not discussing that here in detail). Reporting is too slow to deal with this but simply running a dog across the map detecting meshed players/thralls would provide a more potent counter to cheaters hiding in the mesh. It would also be nice that such a mechanic also detects if players were in the area in the last hour and show limited tracks. Dogs are kind of useless atm in PVP anyways. A War dog capable of chasing down and ripping naked/lightly armored players to shreds would be nice too but that’s a completely different topic. Anyways, There’s another big name survival pvp game that implemented a similar search mechanic, and while not perfect it cleaned up maps over night. I feel this would be a huge help to the player base even if very limited in range/scope

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Which game was it?

I can see something like this, if they were to ever even consider taking development time away, be abused to find legitimate players instead :frowning:

A game involving dinosaurs. There was a huge problem with people meshing or building in unintended areas and a new feature increased detection significantly.

I’d also argue hiding in ways you cannot be detected isn’t intended gameplay either. There should be a tool that can detect offline body vaults, hidden thralls or players hiding in unintended areas like mesh holes in dungeons etc

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I agree about BVs. We need to get that functionality out of the game. They’ve been so resistant to do so though and my guess is because it’s the only way to ensure casuals have a way of retaining their loot. Encouragement to come back.

Just saw a new undermesh spot I’ve never seen before being used. So basically fix but break other areas :woman_facepalming:

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I think this is a horrible idea. Guaranteed to run people off pvp servers when they wake up naked in the desert without that uber set of armor and favorite weapons. Finding decent locations to log out now is hard enough, remove those and it is game over.

If this were to be implemented, I will stop playing pvp and consequently stop spending money in game.

Body Vaults - I’ve just assumed these are the reason behind the ‘toxic update’ where you can no longer see an offline player’s inventory. Now requiring you to kill them to see the inventory. Have kill lots of low level players, who probably never continue to play for this reason.

But the loot isn’t important. IMHO, your loot decays like your building. The only things remaining would be the armor and hot keyed equipment. Your backpack goes away.

Maybe to you or I.

If you’re speaking in terms of eliminating what BVs are now, I can agree with this.

People need to commit to the servers they’re playing on and build legitimate bases instead of living out of body vaults and hiding like insurgent rats until it’s time to go naked bombing. It’s really no different than having a base in the mesh or a skybase. It’s not how the game was intended to be played and it kills PvP.

Why should someone be able to login with thousands of dp, bomb a whole server whenever they want and then hide with no real way for defenders being able to track them down? Especially when the attacker hides in the mesh or a glitched dungeon area afterwards? In ancient times raiders were actually tracked by dogs and other methods. It makes perfect sense as a limited game mechanic given the lore.

It took years for Funcom to get rid of most mesh/skybases and they still have work to do. Might as well add a game mechanic to make it easier for players to deal with mesh rats between patches/updates.

If someone is willing to run the whole map with a dog they have to level up that can detect things within a limited vicinity I think a body vault can login and move occasionally. In fact, the more loot on a body the more likely a dog should detect it.

But you don’t even need to hide in the mesh XD just need sorcery and a cloth bag.

Add body seeking vultures to the game that spawn in and kill floating offline players.

Now I am not sure if you’re being serious lol

The most realistic ask would be the have undermeshing and bving addressed.

lol “Eaten by Vultures” in the event log could just be a script running after server restart killing bodies not logged off in a base in approved XYZ coordinates after X amount of days. Time decreases depending on amount of loot in inventory.

BVing should have been addressed a long time ago though. It would be one thing if there was a cool buried loot mechanic for people to bury their loot and for others to find it through a obscure RNG “scrying” sorcery mechanic (or just digging) but bodies just magically disappearing/reappearing is an easy out. Giving players very limited tools to detect other players hiding or on the run isn’t so bad so long as its balanced.
Lets be real though, nobody should be able to pack a whole base on their person and just run and hide every time there’s a threat. That’s not balanced even if you take away invisible BVs and all the mesh holes(Very unlikely). At least a pack of search dogs or scrying away as a sorcerer are lore accurate potential game mechanics that could counter the BV rat meta.