[feature request] Launcher save multiple mod preset

Game mode: Online private, Single-player & Co-op
Type of issue: Other
Server type: All/Launcher PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: [ All ]
Mods?: Yes/optional

Bug Description:

@Community @AndyB ’Description’ is misspelled in template above (missing ‘c’)

This is a feature request for the launcher. Please add the ability to save and name custom mod list configurations. This will allow for easier pre-launch configurations for players to set up an official (no mod) configuration, sets for solo/co-op, and one or more sets for various private servers.

i’ve run into situations where i’d like to either test something in solo with or without mods then restore my original mod list used for a private server. As it currently exists, the mod list in the launcher is a marked improvement on the original relaunch loop method. It can be improved on further.

Expected Behavior:

Open Launcher
Click a dropdown list to select a saved configuration with options:

  1. default ‘Official - no mods’ always available (no rename/delete)
  2. [user created configurations] with option to rename and delete
  3. New Configuration

In Mods tab

  1. Option to save new configuration
  2. Option to load a saved configuration
  3. Option to update current selected/loaded configuration

Continue to remember a manually set configuration unless overwritten by loading a preset. this would allow testing a custom mod load order prior to saving it as a configuration.

Installed Mods:

If you answered ‘Yes’ to using mods, please list all your active mods. Otherwise, skip or delete this section.

This is a feature request that impacts the mod load list pre-launch

Steps to Reproduce:

Feature request to add presets to the launcher to allow easier reconfiguring the game on launch for non-modded servers and solo or modded unofficial servers and solo.


  1. Open Launcher
  2. Go to mod tab
  3. refer to external mod list
  4. Add/remove/shuffle mods manually each time for chosen game server

Hah, thanks for pointing out the typo. Fixed.

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