Feedback about transfers as avoidance of repercussions

The hope will be lost when everything ends. Until then, hope still exists. One thing is true about this game, it kept us busy when we needed to escape reality the most. It can still do this, all we need is a motivation.
Truly we lost some things by playing in officials but we must never forget what we gained. We still get something every day by coming here and open conversations. It is not once I said that this forum is one of the greatest reasons I play this game. I may not logging in every day to the game, but I surely log in every day here. Actually, I never log out from here :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
If you’re tired to hope, I can happily do it for you my friend, count on it.
@droch-aon, I totally agree, little trollers of the game, rats, will once again abuse the mechanics of this game to make things frustrating. Let’s hope for a change, cross fingers and patience for once more… again.


But they dont have to scout when they transfer. They can have a new character and run the map to scout. Delete that character.
Then 2 mins before raid time show up with bombs
Or have a token pop in thier inventory from the other server right outside your base. So absolutely NO WARNING you are being targeted until you are either online when it does happen, or log into the desert and check log if you were offline. And by then, if they had a 1 or 2 players come in and “act” peaceful 7 days prior, all your stuff is on some other server, with nonwaybto counter raid for revenge.

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Cap and I handled every stinkin’ Transfer that came our way. They got the official Greet ‘n’ Toss. This is over 10 months of playing.

This recent influx brought on by low-hanging Transfer Fruit is all introduced by Funcom. They have implemented something that WILL yield toxic behavior. And now, honest players like Droch are paying the price.

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At least you were online. Imagine ifnyou had to be offline that day.

I was. I decided to snuggle with my dear sweet wife on a Friday night. No one was on.

You can read the tracks I’m layin’ down.

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So here’s my thoughts on server transfers completely ignoring the way people may or may not abuse it for a second. Some people complained about low pop servers, so now there is a mechanism to move from low pop to high pop OR if the other way is preferable, you can do that. So whether you are pvp, pve or rp, this is a way to transfer without a mod (so even private servers have a way to transfer without mods among say, a second server they are running). Also, the recent merges were undoubtedly possible because the hooks were in the game to do the transfers, so that was clearly a forward thinking move. Otherwise its not “merge”, its just “so long and thanks for all the fish”.

Now to the abuse part. Yeah, people do douchy things with good intentioned features. Welcome to the internet gaming world. This is why I have my own servers because people exploit anything and everything on the wild west that is free server use and if we were restricted to only content that couldnt be abused, the game would be a shell of itself and many servers where this isnt a problem at all would have a much plainer experience aka boring and move on to other games. So yeah people abuse it. Blame them. its where the blame belongs.

Yeah requests for server transfer popped up once in a while, but it only became big after Siptah was announced and pretty much everyone was asking for a way to travel between maps, not a free for all server transfer.

When server transfer was announced, every pvp player asked for limitations. I don’t remember anyone suggesting less than a 14 day cooldown. Imo even a 30 day cooldown would be fair and I don’t want to trouble pve players, but it would even be fair if it was for every game mode. Server transfer shouldn’t be for hopping around. It’s should be for a (semi-)permanent move when you don’t want to be on your old server anymore.

But as always, Funcom knows better :man_facepalming:

There’s a clear trend of them either doing stuff nobody asked for, or taking peoples ideas way out of context and overdoing it. They introduce an OP weapon, they nerf it to the point it’s useless. People want to travel between the 2 maps, they disregard all suggestions and worries and do it their way. People ask for more admin’ing against meshers and expoiters, they introduce new rules and start banning people who’re playing as the rules has been for years.

Add to that how they rush and change way too much at once. Remember how we got horses, momentum based movement, new dodge and a bunch of weapon balancing in one patch? (and it was a disaster). How about seeing how the individual parts work one at a time instead of changing everything?

The same now with the new build rules. I personally like that they banned spam landclaim and I’m kinda indifferent on fence foundation stacking (people survived before and they will survive after), but why not just see how those changes effect server performance before banning loyal players for building “too big”?

At this point I wouldn’t expect anything else and wouldn’t suggest anything to them anymore, unless you want that thing to be fk’d up.


I have warned them specifically that the system they had in place will be turn into abuse heaven. And here we are. But like you said, idjiit, Funcom always knows better.

The servertransfer wouldn´t be that bad if they would have bound one of each server together. Like you have an official sever 1060 Exiled Lands and an 1060 Siptah server. If you create a character on one of this servers you will be able to transfer to the other 1060 but not to 1020 or any other offical server. So everybody stays where they belong but can transfer freely between Exiled Lands and Siptah with as much loot as they can carry. This would have worked for pve as well as pvp. If you then get raided you know exactly that their base is either, in my example, in 1060 Exiled Lands or 1060 Siptah.


Yeah that was also my suggestion back then. Just pair up the servers.


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